Homestyles Mobile Kitchen Cart with Stainless Steel Metal Top, White

  • The Dolly Madison Kitchen Cart by Homestyles has a stainless steel surface and durable engineered wood frame
  • It can be easily moved throughout your kitchen on lockable casters, bringing convenience to where it is needed most
  • The kitchen cart has space-saving features and storage options, making it versatile and charming
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  • Furniture insurance is available through Allstate, with 3-year and 5-year options for added protection.

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Utilize your kitchen’s work space and storage area to the fullest with this Homestyles mobile kitchen cart. The sturdy engineered wood frame on which the stainless steel surface is mounted is easily moved around your room on lockable casters so that you may take advantage of the convenience where it’s needed the most. The abundance of space-saving features and storage alternatives adds adaptability and charm to your kitchen, giving you a better cooking time.

Popular Amazon Reviews

“It is true that when you put it together the doors are a little bit uneven but overall the cabinet was easy to put together fits perfectly in the space and has a beautiful stainless top. It is perfect for what I needed and I really don’t mind that the doors appear uneven.” – EricaT (Source: Amazon)

“Love the cart! It’s sturdy, has adequate storage for baking supplies and a few kitchen electronics inside. It also doubles as great coffee/tea spot, in our home!” – Audrey Bell (Source: Amazon)

“This island is a nice addition to our kitchen that is on the smaller side. Enough room in the cabinet area to store all of my baking/oven supplies. We decided not to add the paper towel and spice rack on the sides. The drawers are nice and deep, very happy with this purchase!It took my husband 2 hours to assemble on his own.” – Jennifer Harding (Source: Amazon)

Interior Design Styles That will Blend with Homestyles Mobile Kitchen Cart

Contemporary – Contemporary interiors are all about functionality and elegance. This wooden mobile kitchen cart is as intricate and practical as fixed kitchen Islands, giving you everything you need in a contemporary kitchen. In these types of interiors, the countertop of your portable kitchen island is yet another crucial component that establishes your kitchen’s appearance and overall attractiveness. The Homestyles mobile kitchen cart’s stainless steel top is shade-compatible with the neighboring dining table or the kitchen shelves and aids in creating a persuasive and inviting atmosphere in your contemporary kitchen.

Industrial – While the chic kitchen island on wheels is a stylish alternative, kitchens with an open layout make these ingenious additions seem even more magnificent and industrial-like. The stainless steel top in the mobile kitchen cart gives an industrial interior vibe, allowing you to complement the furniture piece in your industrial kitchen. Adding a pot rack stocked with copper and stainless steel utensils above the cart’s top can enhance your interior’s overall industrial look.

Rustic – Rustic furniture incorporates wood and metal schemes while keeping the colors neutral. Homstyles mobile kitchen cart has a metal top and wood bottom, making it eligible to blend well with a rustic interior. Featuring brick walls, exposed plumbing and metal accents in the kitchen can enhance the cart’s overall appearance, pulling it more toward a rustic touch.

Farmhouse – With less clutter and a more natural design, the farmhouse style is all about simplicity. With extra storage space and a sleek design, Homestyles mobile kitchen cart is a great choice to install in your farmhouse interior. In this type of interior, ample space for cooking is often used for cooking large meals. This mobile kitchen cart gives you this extra space, allowing it to qualify for a farmhouse-styled Kitchen Island.

Ways to Decorate Your Room with Homestyles Mobile Kitchen Cart

Add Ambient Light – In addition to the kitchen Island, light adds excitement to your space. Adding elegant pendants and small chandelier-type lights above Homestyles mobile kitchen cart is a great way to beautify your kitchen while also adding warmth to the area. It will help you cook in ambient light while spending time with your family by using the cart as a dinner table. Moreover, install LED lighting strips to the island counter’s base, bottom, or both to add extra brightness and a fun contemporary accent to the entire area.

Say Yes To the Plants – In addition to being fashionable and stylish, houseplants also have other advantages, like adding a simple pop of color to any space, cleaning the air, and even serving as an ingredient in the kitchen. Placing small plants or herbs on the kitchen cart will add excitement to its dull stainless steel top and help you to get herbs whenever needed.

Seating Area to make the Cart More Functional – Adding seats around your mobile kitchen cart is ideal for creating a casual gathering area. It will make your kitchen cart a storage space and a seating area where a family can spend time eating a meal and sharing stories about their day. Consider using padded seats for added comfort and footrests for more support and to prevent children from slipping. If your interior is more industrial or rustic, you can add metallic stools for a complete look.

Coffee Station to Create a Focal Point – This mobile kitchen cart can also be used as a little coffee station. Push the cart against the wall and load it with coffee essentials like a coffee-making machine, pods, and coffee mugs. It will act as a focal point for your kitchen while displaying a unique yet practical space.

Things to Watch Out For

There are no such things to consider before installing a Homestyles mobile kitchen cart. However, make sure to measure your kitchen space to avoid future inconvenience.