Keter Premier Tall Resin Outdoor Storage Shed for Patio Furniture

  • DIMENSIONS: 55. 1 in. L x 29 in. W x 67. 1 in. H
  • IDEAL SIZE: Generous storage capacity of 62. 05 cubic foot perfect for garden tool storage
  • RESIN CONSTRUCTION: Made from polypropylene resin plastic & steel reinforcement to ensure its durability
  • DURABLE: Weather-resistant, waterproof and UV protected – will not peel, rot or rust
  • SHELVING: Adjustable brackets included to support 2 shelves (shelves not included)
  • METAL HINGES hold up to constant wear and tear

The Keter Premier Tall Resin Outdoor Storage Shed is a long-term solution to outdoor storage needs and adds to the visual aesthetics of your yard and the general curb appeal. As a result, it may increase the value of your home and attract more buyers!

Design Styles To Pair With

If your home interior (and the overall feel of your home) is minimalist and laid-back, the Keter Premier storage shed will perfectly match its design. This makes it perfect for neat and clean yards with minimal accessories.

At the same time, it is a suitable option for eclectic gardens full of flowers and plants, adding balance and keeping the look grounded. Its versatile design means the Keter Premier shed complements various garden styles, including Japanese, Mediterranean, and tropical gardens.

Popular Amazon Reviews

“I purchased this 9 months ago. The assembly was manageable. You definitely want a solid, flat surface to place it on. I set some 12×12 concrete tiles in sand, leveled, to create a base in our slopped side yard. Super happy with it. It’s resin, so it can shift and wobble a bit. But, for the price, it’s a great solution for storing my outdoor tools.” – HatLady (Source: Amazon)

“Love the shed. It’s quite challenge to assemble at first, so make sure you study the instruction carefully. It took 4 hours to complete it (2 people job). The shed looks great in my garden, we store all garden tools and cleaning supply in the shed, and it works great so far. Highly recommend!” – Ryan Dao (Source: Amazon)

“I ordered this shed on a Wednesday and it was delivered that same week on Saturday. No damage in shipping. All good! It took maybe 1.5 hours to assemble the shed…maybe even a bit less than that. I found the instructions to be easy to understand and all of the parts fit together easily. Once it was assembled, I used the extra screws and brackets that were included to customize my shed with shelving (I bought the wood for the shelving separately). We are using this as a garden/potting shed and for that purpose it works very well. My only complaint is that I wish the side wall panels were just a touch more rigid, but that is a minor quibble. Overall I am extremely happy with this purchase and would buy it again without concern.” – Scott Pointon (Source: Amazon)

“I bought this unit based on size and price. I wanted to store the pool items out of sight. When we got to the door hinges we were totally at a loss as to how they needed to be installed. YouTube was no help because this shed has a different (read cheaper) hinge system. We finally worked it out when I realized that what I thought was a fixed part, actually did move and was just very tight. Aside from that, there was just the usual confusion of trying to assemble something with only line drawings and no actual written instructions. I don’t need it to be waterproof. I doubt any shed will survive a hurricane. It’s on pavers, against the house and partially protected by the eaves. I agree with several other reviewers as to how it would be nice if the floor and roof were clearly labeled as such. Overall, it works and I’m sure the lizards will love it.” – Sandy Russell (Source: Amazon)

“The shed works great. One person set up in 3.5hrs. I did not have a level surface and did my best to try and level the ground prior to placement. As a result, the doors were slightly moss aligned and had a gap at the top of one door. A quick fix that works great was installing a metal sheet using the preset drill holes and placing 2 small adhesive magnets on the left door. The divider extension is metal so this was easy). Now it has a right seal and has been waterproof through multiple pretty severe rounds of thunderstorms (sideways rain).” – Amazon Customer (Source: Amazon)

Other Ideas to Use the Storage Shed

Suburban Homeowners: Landscaping suburban homes often implies dealing with large outdoor spaces, often filled with various plants, tools, and outdoor furniture. These can clutter the yard and result in a disordered appearance. The Keter Premier Tall Shed is perfect for these situations as it offers ample storage for garden tools, lawn mower, and patio furniture during off seasons. It can be conveniently positioned in an inconspicuous corner of the backyard, maintaining the aesthetic appeal while keeping the area tidy.

Bike Owners Landscaping: For clients who are biking enthusiasts, incorporating the Keter Premier Tall Shed isn’t only about storage. It can also serve as an appealing feature in the landscape design. The grey & black color can be contrasted with blooming flowers or bright patio furniture. Additionally, keeping bikes inside the shed can protect them from harsh weather elements, thus prolonging the lifespan of their bicycles.

Poolside Accessory Storage: An untidy poolside can ruin the ambience of even the most beautifully designed landscapes. The Keter Premier Tall Shed can serve as a centralized storage solution for poolside accessories. Cleaning equipment, flotation devices and other water toys can be conveniently stored away when not in use, enhancing the neatness of the surrounding environment. It can be strategically placed in a location that doesn’t obstruct the view but remains easily accessible.

Communal Areas in Small Housing Blocks: In smaller community living arrangements, shared spaces such as communal gardens or outdoor grilling areas are common. I can incorporate the Keter Premier Tall Shed into these spaces to store shared items like outdoor furniture or BBQ equipment. This can even encourage residents to take part in maintaining a clean and organized communal space, fostering a sense of community responsibility.

Children’s Play Area: Incorporating a Keter Premier Tall Shed in a landscape design with a children’s play area has many benefits. I encourage clients to consider it for storing outdoor toys, sports equipment, and picnic gear. This practice not only keeps the area tidy but can also help children learn the importance of organizing their play things after use. Additionally, the shed’s robust resin design ensures durability even under the high-traffic nature of play areas.