GIGALUMI Solar 120 LED Garden Outdoor Decor Lights for Yard Pathway Flowerbed

  • 【Upgraded Solar Garden Lights】Each pack contains 2 lights, each with 120 LEDs, working with two modes between flashing and steady lighting, easily operated by a button. Suitable for outdoor garden and courtyard decoration, adding beauty and a unique atmosphere to home.It is an ideal choice with high quality and durability.
  • 【Inspiration Design for DIY】These solar outdoor lights are made of flexible copper wire and bright LED beads, allow you to DIY any shape you desire. Whether it’s a starburst, flower, heart, spiral, or spherical design, the possibilities are endless. Not only are these lights perfect for gardening enthusiasts, but they also make great decorations for various holidays such as Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, and New Year’s Day. Prepare to be amazed by the unlimited surprises these lights will bring.
  • 【Long Working Time】The led sparkler lights are made with durable low-heat-emission 120 LED, upgraded solar panel and build-in high-capacity rechargeable 1.2V/600mAh AA battery. Standard sunshine charging 4-6 hours in the daytime, working 8-10 hours at night after fully charged.
  • 【Auto ON / OFF & Easy to Install】Simply switch on the lights and place them where they can get full sunlight during the day. These solar-powered outdoor lights will automatically turn on at night and off during the day. Each yard light has its own solar panel, no wire connection, super easy to use.
  • 【Waterproof and Guarantee】It is corrosion resistant and has strong light transmittance. The strong aluminum pole and high-grade waterproof function ensure the garden solar lights still charge normally after the storm and rain. If you have any questions about our solar Garden lights, please contact us and we will solve it within 24h.

“This set of two solar fireworks lights are so fun and festive. They’re super easy to assemble. The hardest part is arranging the wires to make them look like fireworks. I just took my thumb and my forefinger around the base of the wire and pulled outward and downward to create a nice gentle arc to each of the wires. There’s about 30 different wires so it does take a few minutes to get them situated the way you want them. You could also leave them straight or arrange them in some other design, I guess… so many options.Once they are assembled, simply set the switch in the underside of the solar panel to on and let them recharge out in the sunlight.   They come on automatically at dusk and look so fun and festive out in the yard!!  They stay lit long into the night.  And, hopefully they will last a long time. They do have rechargeable solar batteries that can be replaced when the originals wear out. These are awesome!” – D Moore (Source: Amazon)

“These look great in our garden areas at night. The the stakes used to place them in the ground are 21 inches long and the lit wire strands are 14 inches in length. You can bend the wire strands any way you like and the lights still work! We fanned ours out. You have an option to have them blink or always stay on by adjusting the switch on the other side of the solar panel. I’m a little concerned about the rubber piece that covers the on-off switch as it seems a bit flimsy and subject to possible tearing. I think it’s there to protect against inclement weather. We’ll have to see if my concern is warranted down the road. They were charged enough to light up the day they arrived as you can see by my photos, but we turned them off and made sure the solar panels were facing the sun to get fully charged per the instructions. Like how they look! And no electric bill!” – KRJ (Source: Amazon)

“These are delightful. They add the perfect bit of whimsy in the garden and they take very little time to be powered by the sun. You can set them to flash or stay on solid. The move gently in the breeze. These are just so nice. It will take you a moment to get the set up. bending each wire to where you want it but is is easy and goes really fast.” – CM Coleman (Source: Amazon)

“I purchased the 120 light set. Set has two lights, extension pole and plastic cap to push into dirt.Says 3 modes, on/flashing/off. That’s the 3 modes. Be careful there’s a few wires wrap around the top, carefully unwrap those. Then you can bend wires as you like. I just like the rounded dried dandelion look. I’ll put in my rock garden in spring. Lights automatically come on once it’s dark enough.” – Tom S. (Source: Amazon)