FLEXISPOT EF1 Electric Height Adjustable 2 Tier Standing Desk

  • VIEW MONITORS MORE COMFORTABLY: Adjustable top shelf offers 3 height settings that range  from 0 to 5 inches so you can position your monitors at the most comfortable eye level for reading, working and more.
  • MORE PROGRAMMABLE HEIGHT SETTINGS: Advanced control panel provides 4 memory preset buttons compared to most other models on the market that only offer three. That means you and other family members between 3’8” and 6’6” tall can program your preferred height settings.
  • SPACIOUS & SUSTAINABLE SURFACE: The sizable desktop measures 55” x 27.5”, which is 3.5 inches deeper than standard 24-inch sit/stand desks. The materials are also environmentally sourced to meet strict CARB and EPA standards.
  • USE IT EVERYWHERE: Stress tested more than 20,000 times for quality and safety, this durable desk frame is built for any room and any task — set it up in your study, living room, bedroom or office for a healthier alternative to prolonged sitting while studying, computing, gaming and more.
  • FURNITURE LOAN: Affirm monthly payment plans available. No impact on personal credit score. No late fees.
  • FURNITURE INSURANCE: Allstate Furniture Protection Plan available with 3-year and 5-year options.

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Working from home has numerous advantages, including designing a workspace with an adjustable standing desk that improves your attitude and may even boost productivity. Using the FLEXISPOT EF1 Electric Height Adjustable 2-Tier Standing Desk is a great way to give your workspace a unique touch that is attractive and functional.

Three useful height settings are available for adjustment on the upper shelf, allowing you to place your laptop or monitor at the most comfortable eye level. Moreover, with its four memory-preset buttons, the sophisticated control panel is ideal for selecting the preferred height settings for two or more users. Wait no more and upgrade your working experience with the help of this ergonomic two-tier designed standing desk.

Popular Amazon Reviews

“I’ve had a giant kitchen table as a desk for the past year and really went back and forth between a traditional desk and a taller desk. Every adjustable sit to stand desk seemed cheap, rickety, and not a good fit. I really needed a large workspace and an easy sit/stand transition (wasn’t loving the crank options or the pedals). This is seriously the holy grail!! It was easy to put together but MAN this thing is built like a TANK! Really sturdy and the mechanics are smooth.My husband’s favorite features are that it raises to 48″ AND has saved preset modes for a one-touch easy transition. I really love the split desktop design: it can be lowered to be one flat giant workspace or one of the 3 lift options to use as a monitor riser. Definitely a hardcore Flexispot fan now!” – T (Source: Amazon)

“I’m loving my new sit-stand desk! It’s so cute and stylish in my home office. It’s not too heavy or bulky in the space. I love the warmth of the wood and the fact that it has two levels. I think this desk would make a really cute homework station for the kids too. The wires and controls are well concealed so it could be a nice stand alone desk.The motor does a good job of lifting the desk smoothly. It definitely feels solid. I didn’t think I could afford a sit-stand desk but it’s really a decent price for the product. I’m glad I made the investment. Well worth the money. I would definitely recommend this product to others.” – Jessica C (Source: Amazon)

“The desk came in a large box, well wrapped, but damaged. Every corner of the desk was damaged. I needed the desk immediately so I didn’t bother with the exchange, especially after the 3 hr marathon to put it together.It is sturdy and holds up 2 monitors and a laptop fine. I do like the programmable heights.It would be nice if there was a cross bar underneath to rest a foot on.” – Jaime (Source: Amazon)

“I really liked how sturdy it is and how it doesn’t take too much space. My room is also my home office so I needed something cute, useful and sturdy. I definitely needed help to flip the desk because it has very heavy parts, but after that I put it together by myself. You could easily fit 3 laptops at the bottom and 3 at the top. The motor is not too noisy and the desk goes up and down fairly quickly. It fits my needs as a 5ft person for sitting and standing up. I highly recommend this product.” – Elly Chvz (Source: Amazon)

Types of Interior Design Styles that Will Blend Well with the EF1 Desk

If you want to avoid sitting all day, it is your time to buy a friendly standing desk. However, before purchasing the EF1 standing desk, you must ensure that this furniture piece will blend well with your interior design style. If you have the following interior-styled house, feel free to install this 2-tier standing desk in your workspace.

Industrial Style – Industrial style is all about adding white, black, and beige-coloured materials inside your house with daring furnishings and lighting. This EF1 standing desk with a structured look will go well with your room’s strong industrial interior, allowing you to enjoy the vibe while also focusing on your work.

European Modern – As European interior design includes beautiful mouldings, woodwork and plenty of interior touches, there is no way this fantastic EF1 standing desk won’t be icing on the cake.

Boho Style – Boho is a free-spirited and unconventional interior design style having furnishings that reflect the idea by integrating a variety of patterns, textures, woods, colours, and metals into the house. How can an excellent blend of wood and metal standing desk not go well with this crazy interior-styled home office? Add an EF1 two-tier standing desk in your house without thinking twice and see the outcome yourself.

Things to Add In Your Home Office Along with the EF1 Desk

Ergonomic Home Office Chairs – You should look for a supportive, ergonomic home office chair to go with your desk and décor. It will keep you in proper alignment, whether standing or sitting all day. In addition to giving you an appropriate seating space, the chair will enable you to align your shoulders, spine, and hips, aiding in good sitting posture.

Anti-Fatigue Mats – Anti-fatigue mats are made to lessen the damage caused to the body by prolonged standing on a hard surface. Rubber, vinyl, and wood are just a few materials that can be used to make fatigue-reducing mats. Pairing this amazing pain relieving mat with your EF1 two-tier standing desk is a great way to add comfort to your working time. With reduced discomfort and improved blood flow, the mat serves as an essential item for your standing work hours.

Other Things to Think of

Consider a flexible loan – When considering a standing desk purchase on Amazon, it may be beneficial to use Affirm instead of the popular Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card. While the Amazon card offers up to 18 months of equal monthly payments, Affirm is able to provide up to 48 months instead, which may be better for those with larger home office purchases. Additionally, Affirm requires no credit checking, making it ideal for students or those still rebuilding their credit scores. Furthermore, Affirm offers low to zero interest and allows for early repayment. Overall, Affirm provides more flexible payment options and is a good option for those with credit challenges.

Potential health concern – A few things should be avoided while using the EF1 two-tier standing desk.  Standing for too long is as unhealthy as sitting for an extensive period. Long periods of inactivity are thought to harm your leg muscles, connective tissue, and tendons and may even result in varicose veins. By just switching between sitting and standing, you can prevent your body from getting severe damage. And don’t forget to add an excellent anti-fatigue mat if you want to benefit significantly from purchasing a standing desk.