FLEXISPOT E5 Dual Motor Electric Standing Desk, Bamboo Top

  • BAMBOO IS STRONGER THAN STEEL: The mature bamboo is highly flexible and has a tensile strength of 28000 pounds per square inch, making it one of the strongest, most durable pieces of furniture in your home.
  • ELEGANT BAMBOO SURFACE: We employ lateral compression technology to retain the beautiful, natural grain of every bamboo strip.
  • SPACIOUS WORK AREA: 55″ x 28″ Bamboo Top and lift mechanism for adjustments from 24.4” to 50”.

“Love this desk. Easy to assemble. Great quality. Quiet and fast. I can raise it high enough my toddlers can’t reach anything which is the BEST!” – Amazon Customer (Source: Amazon)

“I ordered the FlexiSpot EC5 48″x24″ in bamboo top + white and I am loving it so much. I have a bad back so being able to adjust the height accordingly to my day-to-day symptoms helps me greatly. The height adjustment transitions very smoothly, and the desk is incredibly sturdy. I also love the smooth bamboo table top (gorgeous aesthetic!), and overall there’s so much room for me to work!The desk arrived in two separate boxes. The flat table top is in one box, and the rest of the leg components are in another. The boxes are quite heavy so it may be best to grab a second set of hands to help! But the overall assembly is very quick and easy (however a power drill was definitely necessary!) Truly so in love with this desk and am so so happy it’s now a part of my office space.” – Amy R. (Source: Amazon)