Esright Convertible 3-in-1 Sleeper Sofa Chair Bed, Dark Grey

  • 3-in-1 Convertible Design -This versatile sofa chair bed can be easily and quickly converted into an armchair, a guest bed, as well as a recliner, to meet your various needs and no longer worry about unexpected guests. Which is great chair beds for your family.
  • Adjustable & Convenient -The adjustable folding bed chairs has 3-level adjustable backrest, making a comfortable sitting or lying experience. Handy strap makes it easy to pull out its leg part with moving wheels to create a bed.
  • Sturdy Frame & Breathable Fabric -The convertible chair sleeper bed is made of high-quality steel frame, ensuring best durability in daily use and withstand 330 lbs. Breathable linen fabric and high-density foam upholstery give a soft feeling and excellent support.
  • Larger Size and Suitable for Any Scene -The modern sofa sleeper chair has simple and stylish design, to fit your living room, dorm, apartment, bedroom or office. 40″ width and 78″ length sofa bed offers more comfort for relaxation.
  • Buy with Confidence -The chair bed sleeper is easy to assemble with our clear manual instruction. If you have any questions about assembly or product quality, you can contact our customer service for help.

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If you want a comfortable seating space that includes a bed, sofa, and lounger, installing Esright Convertible 3-in-1sleeper sofa might be a good choice. To fit your diverse needs, this sofa bed can be swiftly transformed from a chair to a lounger or a bed while maintaining its distinctive style. With its 3-level adjustable backrest, you can save money and spend a cosy time the way you want. 

Popular Amazon Reviews

“Very easy to assemble. True to pictures, description and color. Not the most comfortable but not uncomfortable either. Great for an accent piece like I used in my office space and makes a great place for my 8 year old niece to sleep over.” – Mike (Source: Amazon)

“Looks exactly as advertised. Easy to convert from chair to bed. Is firm in a supportive way. My bed is on a loft so I sometimes sleep on these and am always comfortable and well rested. I had originally been thinking of getting a similar item from ikea for about $800 per chair. These are more attractive and a great deal I think. They came in six boxes and four arrived one day. When I contacted the company they were prompt and helpful. The other two boxes arrived next day (and it was a shipper thing, not a seller). Putting them together is actually pretty simple, too.” – Tiny Place in NY (Source: Amazon)

“This gets shipped in 3 boxes and they arrived on different days. Initially seemed strange, but everything arrived just fine. The final product looks great, but it was exhausting getting it there. Many of the holes didn’t line up, and it took a lot of strength to get it to the end result. It’s definitely a 2 person job, and it requires someone with a little brawn. Also, we originally thought they forgot to send us the screws and legs, but they were hiding in the cushion. I just had a hunch to unzip it, which if I hadn’t, I’m not sure we would have ever found them. Lol! It is a bit firm (definitely not soft), but that doesn’t bother us. In our opinion, it’s a bit expensive for the amount of work it needs in order to put it together, but we are still happy with our purchase as it looks great in the room.” – Veronica P. (Source: Amazon)

“I bought this chair in dark grey a few months ago to add a place to sleep on the first floor of my house — while upstairs bedrooms are being renovated after wind and rain damage to my house. It’s been a good solution for me. It’s comfortable, and it doesn’t take up too much room. As compared to sleeping on my sofa, it provides more support, and it’s is about about 7 inches wider, which makes a big difference. It’s easy to pull out and push back the extension. I was able to put it together in less than an hour. I recommend it!” – Pamela C. (Source: Amazon)

“It’s a stylish, modern, and comfortable chair that’s super easy to assemble and perfect for a guest room as it converts into a small bed. Customer service answered quick and very helpful. Highly recommend the chair! We love it.” – Francesca (Source: Amazon)

“Purchased this for our vacation home to maximize sleeping. Great purchase so far, it is a bit stiff but yet comfortable. No problems putting it together, everything lined up perfectly and took all of 20 minutes to put together.” – Moonstarx0 (Source: Amazon)

“Love this chair. It is firm but works great as a guest bed when needed too.” – Mary M (Source: Amazon)

“I was very nervous about this chair because of other reviews about not having all the parts. I’m happy to report that all hardware and instructions were included in our packaging and, with a bit of elbow grease, everything lined up just right!This package arrives in 3 boxes and I was very nervous when boxes 1 and 3 arrived and box 2 was nowhere in sight. I called UPS and they didn’t have it and I contacted the seller and they informed me it was still on the way. They asked me to be patient and also offered a refund if I couldn’t wait for it.I chose to wait and 3 days later box 2 arrived! The UPS guy and I had a laugh about it when he dropped it by (he had heard about my calls).We are happy with the chair! It will be used in our bonus room for the teenagers to hang out and game and also for when our adult son comes into town and needs a place to sleep.As others have stated, it’s very firm…but I think that’ll be better for sleeping. We saved a mattress topper for it in case our son wants to use it.I’ll report back if we find anything negative over time!” – Lauren Tremper (Source: Amazon)

“Love the navy color and look of the chair. Very stylish with clean lines. Love that it pulls out to a sleeper bed however; will definitely need some type of bed topper to be comfortable. I think it’s worth the price but stinks that shipping was a bit pricey. I’d still buy it again.Directions to assemble were fine except for adding the 4 wheels. Watch the assembly video on Amazon! It only takes 1 person to put it together. It comes in 3 boxes so you can carry it by yourself.” – Val L (Source: Amazon)

Interior Design styles that will blend with Convertible 3-in-1 Sleeper Sofa Chair Bed

Urban – Urban interior design combines contemporary, modern, and industrial design elements to produce a unique look ideal for apartment living in the inner city. The urban design includes loft and warehouse conversions as its base, giving it a softer, cosier appearance than industrial design trends. Keeping in view the cosiness of the urban interior style, installing Esright 3-in-1 convertible sofa would be a reasonable option to consider.  Moreover, urban design elements include minimalistic and large pieces of furniture with a colour palette consisting of a neutral base. Esright’s dark grey coloured seat gives you the opportunity to make your furniture blend well with the cosy and aesthetic urban style.

Dynamic – Employing numerous smart, integrated, and practical solutions is a hallmark of dynamic interior design. Thus, opting for an elegant and functional furniture piece is the key to achieving a dynamic interior style. What’s more multipurpose, cosy and sleek than the Esright 3-in-1 convertible sofa that will blend well with your dynamic interior? You can also add a few more lightweight, movable dividers and multipurpose furniture to keep your house clean and organized.

Minimalist style – There is no way a convertible 3-in-1 sleek seating space cannot go along with the minimalist interior style. When designing small apartments, the minimalist aesthetic is a blessing. To avoid getting cluttered space in your tiny flat, furniture with several uses is a fantastic space-saving option. Esright’s neutral-coloured multipurpose sofa will help you achieve the perfect minimalist interior and cosy atmosphere you need after a hectic day at work.

Modern – If you have a modern interior with simple, uncluttered lines and a monochrome colour scheme, Esright convertible sofa will be a great addition. The abundance of natural light and a little concentration on the shape and texture of modern interior style will provide you with the environment you need to read a good book on Esright’s comfy sofa. Thus, the furniture piece will blend well with your simple, basic and clutterless modern interior design.

Ways to Decorate Your Room with Esright Convertible 3-in-1 Sleeper Sofa Chair Bed

There are a lot of materials and furniture pieces that will make the Esright sleeper sofa blend well with the surroundings. In addition to adding rugs, an eye-catching chandelier and abstract art, try adding the following things to make your space welcoming with this sleeping sofa.

Storage – Every interior design style that blends well with the Esright sofa requires much storage to make the space comfier and more organized than ever. You can add stylish storage furniture that also serves as a décor to your room for all the additional pillows, sheets, and blankets. Put linens in neutral-toned baskets and arrange them in the corners or conceal them in media centre cabinets or drawers. To maintain the area clutter-free, employ these storage ideas and see what it does to the cosiness of your Esright sleeping sofa.

Lighting – The More, The Better – Natural light from the window can provide the warmth and comfort you need in your room. However, what happens if you want to read a lovely book on your Esright sofa at night but don’t have abundant light? Thus, adding a sleek chandelier or flush mounts is a great option to get light and blend your Esright sofa with the room’s interior.

Other Things to Consider

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