Crosley Furniture Everett Mid Century Modern Media Console, Mahogany

Add polish and style to your home with the sleek mid-century modern design of the Everett Media Console. Whether you need a home for your favorite turntable and album collection or a stylish accent cabinet, this media console has the versatility to fit the bill. Featuring sliding cabinet doors that open to adjustable shelving on one side, and album storage on the other, the Everett Media Console is a perfect storage solution for your home.

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“For the longest time we were using a cube shelf from a certain giant swedish company as our record stand. We wanted something a little more tidy and chic. It had to have good storage capacity because we have lots of records. We wanted the record cabinet to have a lid to enclose the record player inside. And we wanted a mid-century look. Storage capacity – check. This worked for our small collection and record player accessories. See pictures to see about how many records we could fit. The shelves easily adjusted to accommodate records on both sides of the cabinet. Lid to enclose record player – check. Record player fits right inside. We removed the plastic lid from our player to get it to fit, but it’s still covered when not in use so that’s great. Mid-century style – check and check. This baby looks great, the hardware is so chic. Top marks, it’s a real looker. One person assembled the cabinet in two hours with no problems. There were very minor blemishes to the finish in places that were not obvious once assembled. Everything was well-marked. The top is difficult to put together alone, you’ll need a buddy or a lot of patience to do that part.” – Mother Reviews

“Was worth the hassle in assembly. Down side is there was a dent on the left panel. This is being hidden but was offered $50 off or to return entirely and get new one. Decided to keep as that could in turn send another damaged one – love the look!” – Amazon Customer

“I can’t say enough great things about my whole experience thus far with this Crosley console. I’ve been contemplating purchasing it for nearly a year now and finally decided to give it a try as an early Father’s Day present for my husband to pair with his turntable that I fixed after being out of commission for over 2 years. The shipment arrived nearly a week earlier than expected, the packaging had minimal damage and all of the pieces were well protected with minimal damage (the handles were packaged together without any wrapping between them so there were some visible scratches from where they rubbed together during transit but nothing too crazy. It took me less than 1.5 hours to unbox, assemble, clean up and move this console into place all on my own. I was blown away with how easy it was to assemble and how sturdy the construction is. I even let my 3 year old help. No missing parts and the directions were very clear. No flimsy cardboard backing or painted particle board. It’s veneered wood but really does look nice and for the money you’re really getting a deal on the quality you get.” – Eillatan

“Love this record holder! We don’t have a ton of records yet this cabinet has been perfect for us an our slowly expanding collection with room for many more. Quality piece of furniture for a great price and easy to assemble.” – Rochelle