Crosley Furniture Everett Mid Century Modern Media Console, Acorn

Add polish and style to your home with the sleek mid-century modern design of Crosley Furniture Everett media console. Sure to be a conversation starter, This console was designed around that most classic of media components, The record player. The heart of the stand is a specially designed turntable compartment. Cleverly tucked into the top of the unit, The record player can be accessed through a hinged lid that remains hidden when not in use. In the main cabinet, wire dividers help keep your records organized, and adjustable shelving makes plenty of room for accessories. Combined with crosley’s reputation for quality craftsmanship and design, our Everett console is a timeless piece you will enjoy for years to come. Furniture loan options available through Affirm, with no impact on credit score and no late fees. Furniture insurance available through Allstate, with 3-year and 5-year options.

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Offering both functionality and aesthetics, the Crosley Furniture Everett Mid Century Modern Media Console is a useful addition to homes. It can display your television, hold your entertainment gadgets, and contribute to the design of your space, all at once. A hinged lid provides access to the turntable compartment, while dividers help with extra organization.

Interior Design Styles To Pair With

The Crosley media console features a mid-century modern design. Its organic build uses teak — showcased throughout the piece. This makes it ideal for the mid-century modern interior design style.

Its carefree style is perfect for free-spirited Bohemian interiors and helps add to the style’s enticing textures. This simple, functional furniture piece is also fantastic for adding warmth to modern and contemporary interiors, especially if you’re hoping to add contrast to the space. It can serve the same purpose in transitional and Scandinavian interiors, too.

Finally, the use of wood makes the media console ideal for biophilic interiors, aiding in the depiction of natural elements.

Popular Amazon Reviews

“I’m 5’3″ and 125lbs and assembled this piece by myself in about an hour. The pieces are very sturdy, and in some cases heavy, but I was able to slide everything in place on an area rug with ease. The instructions and parts were well labeled and easy to follow. Once assembled I put my Audio-Technica AT-LP120XUSB-BK turntable inside and it fit perfectly WITHOUT the clear lid. With the cabinet having a closing lid to protect the turntable this wasn’t a deal-breaker for me so I just left the clear lid off. In my case, the cabinet color was too close to my hardwood color so I ended up painting it to make it pop and give it a little more character. I couldn’t be happier with it! I took off 1 star because of the small blemish in the side piece, but I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this cabinet.” – SandFam (Source: Amazon)

“I love the sturdiness and color that defines the vibes of the mid century time period. You will need two people for easier assembly since the pieces are quite heavy. Great job Crosley!” – Nancy (Source: Amazon)

Ways To Decorate The Space With The Crosley Media Console

The media console can be utilized in your space in more ways than one. Some of the top ways are listed below.

Use It As An Entertainment Complex – The media console can be placed in your living room as your regular entertainment complex. Use the tabletop to display your television, storing other gadgets in the cabinetry below.

Go Nautical – Use the media console to showcase your love for all things nautical. Begin by displaying mini items, such as sailboats and lighthouses, on the top surface. Drape a ship rope into a wreath and mount it onto the wall above. Finally, toss in a fishing net and sea shells for the ultimate sea scene.

Create A Seasonal Vignette – Use the media console to create seasonal vignettes. For example, a mini pumpkin collection for fall and adorable Easter bunnies for spring. Fall leaves, Thanksgiving candles, or a miniature Christmas village — the possibilities are endless!

Display Memories – Display memories (for example, vacation and holiday photos) on your console table to create the perfect conversation starter. You can incorporate potted plants (such as succulents), too. Tip: Use picture frames in different sizes and shapes to create utmost visual interest, but keep the frame color similar to maintain cohesion.

Things to Think Twice

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