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80 Tips and Ideas to Achieve A Farmhouse Kitchen Lighting

In any home, nothing says “Welcome” like a spruced up farmhouse style. It encompasses a rustic charm, a good color scheme, and warm lighting. However, you don’t have to live in rural spaces to enjoy the farmhouse style. It is a rustic style that is quite easy to achieve with natural simplicity by pulling the right pieces together. 

Farmhouse lighting serves as the focal point of every room. However, it would be best if you do not let it overwhelm you. Besides, setting up farmhouse lighting in your home is simple if you already know the features you are looking for. Below are ten tips that can guide you.

Sizing Up Your Space

Since some fixtures have thick wood, they might be so bulky for your space. As such, if you are trying to add some light in the dining room, you should measure the distance between your dining table and ceiling. It is because you should not hang your pendant beyond halfway the distance. Additionally, you should measure your table length. It is because you do not want your lighting to exceed the amount of space you are lighting. In this case, the overall space of your house should match your décor or furniture. 

Right Positioning

Do you want your lighting bulbs to point down, up, or out? This question is crucial as the direction in which your light shines is critical for your kitchen. For instance, you would want your farmhouse pendant in your kitchen to shine above your counters. This creates more lighting when preparing meals. For such lighting, you would definitely need a bulb facing downward.

Color Palette

In most cases, farmhouse designs are associated with neutral color palettes. In this case, you are going to notice some earthy tones. Besides, there might also be some blends of greens and grays. For farmhouse lighting, there are many options to choose from, such as cream, bronze, and zinc. If you are more attracted to pop of color, your farmhouse lighting should announce that to any visitor. To achieve this, you can try some farmhouse pendants such as soft blue and rustic red. For white walls, contrasting copper farmhouse pendants would come in handy.

Choose Farmhouse Features

The farmhouse style was invented mainly in rural areas. As such, the features a built on function. For instance, you may have kitchen with a large food preparation area, a ceiling that allows natural light to flood the house, and top to bottom windows. Due to the uniqueness of these features, the farmhouse style shifted into a more fashionable design. Therefore, modern farmhouse lighting is mixed up with old elements that can be easily identified.

Some of the standard farmhouse lighting features include repurposed material, bell-shaped pendants, antique finishes, Edison bulbs, and ring chandeliers. All these features come in handy for kitchen farmhouse lighting. 

Determine Its Function

When building any house, it is obvious that the kitchen is for cooking and eating while the bathroom is for getting ready. As such, every room has a unique purpose. Therefore, you need to choose a farmhouse lighting fixture that matches every room’s function. In this case, it is vital to determine which part of your room needs more lighting for more visibility.

Due to the rooms’ uniqueness, different lighting fixtures have been made to serve the various purposes that the rooms need. For instance, a bell-shaped pendant would be great sitting above your kitchen counter as it brings direct light to help you in preparation. Conversely, a farmhouse chandelier, will work well in your dining space. Besides, it comes as a stand-alone feature providing special lighting.

Stick-On Lights

If you are on a tight budget, stick-on lights are the way to go. It is quite a natural style for your kitchen as all you have to do is peel and press the units, placing them into place. Stick-on lights are perfect if placed beneath cabinets. It helps brighten up the countertops and cast a glow in cupboard corners and drawers. For as little as $10, you can choose some farmhouse lighting stick-on designs. It is good to remember that you need neutral colors for a farmhouse design. As such, the stick-on designs and light colors you choose play an important role.

Using Portable Fixtures

Some fixtures can be portable, making it easy to light different parts of your house. More fun comes if this fixture is customizable. You can choose a battery operated LED light available in different stores that come in one package. The light head also has pivots that independently function. Besides, you can change the brightness levels using a switch. For some fixtures, motion sensor features add more convenience. They are perfect for deep kitchen cabinets and drawers.

LED Rope Lighting

LED rope lighting is easy and flexible to fit in your kitchen. It can be described as an unobtrusive device that provides gentle light around your kitchen. If you want to add more light ideas in your kitchen, the rope lighting would be ideal. However, you need to go for colors that blend well with other farmhouse features. As discussed before, neutral colors such as gray and green bring out farmhouse features from your lighting. As such, it would be a great idea to acquire this kind of lighting. It helps illuminate upper cabinetry or even the cabinet toe kicks.

Monorail Kit

If you have a modern farmhouse taste in you, you cannot dispute the monorail kit. The monorail kit stands as an alternative to track lighting. Besides, it provides almost similar functions for your kitchen. Its flexibility brings out a farmhouse feature in your kitchen. It is because you are free to choose the color of lighting you need to match up against other farmhouse features for you. If you are in the process of upgrading your kitchen, monorail lighting is the way to go. 

Replace Old Fixtures with Pendants

Old fixtures can undermine the look of your updated farmhouse kitchen. As such, replacing the fixtures with pendant lighting would be ideal. A Pendant boosts your lighting, and it is quite easy to install them. Some pendants have a sophisticated look and shape that significantly improve the farmhouse look of your kitchen. Depending on the size of your kitchen, you can install several pendants. However, your countertops should at least have one pendant lighting from above.

The above kitchen farmhouse will come in handy to help you spruce up the look of your kitchen. If you are not sure of the kind of lighting you need, a little online research will not harm you. Besides, some of the tips will work well, even on a shoestring budget. Follow the above tips to improve the lighting of your farmhouse kitchen.

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