Willard & May Asiatic Lilies Mix, Freshly Dug Perennial Lily Flower Bulbs, 10 Pack of Bulbs

  • 10 Fresh, Healthy Flower Bulbs
  • 100% Grow Guarantee
  • Large 12-14 CM Bulbs
  • Resilient Plant & Good As Cut Flowers
  • Plant Now For Late Summer Flowers

“So very pretty! Shipping & packaging were adequate to protect the bulbs. These were planted the 1st week of June according to directions, in full sun, and have been gently watered most days since. I cannot remember how long they took to sprout, but it was about 8 weeks to 1st blooms. The pink lilies have shorter stems, but bloomed about 4 days before the yellow. They are all quite lovely and really brighten up the color palette of my garden. Definitely a great buy! Also, no duds! Every one of the bulbs has grown. Enjoy the video & pics! For reference, I am in Zone 3b.” – Shana S (Source: Amazon)

“Two years later, I have the best lillies in the neighborhood! People have been ringing my doorbell to comment on the beauty of these Lillies. If I had any issues, it is that they reproduce so fast, that I will have to divide in the fall. They are absolutely gorgeous, and the bloom lasts a long time. I planted some in full sun, some in half shade, and some in the shade, and that has assured blooms for a while! It is now mid-June and look at these photos. I strongly recommend it. They also make amazing flowers for indoor flower vases, and today, I am cutting some to bring to friends.” – lunalili (Source: Amazon)

“They are lovely! This was in the summer of 2023. This is first time i planted lilies. I could believe when they start blooming. I love it! Now i bought the same kind the asiatic lilies from the same seller. they are so easy to grow.” – Lolali Octoso Williams (Source: Amazon)

“Beautiful Bulbs…Mine came from Daylily nursery and they tend to have the best bulbs.After they bloomed: Great plants but only three colors out of ten bulbs. I would have preferred more variety. They are pretty just all the same.” – Melanie Swofford (Source: Amazon)

“They multiply! Out of the 10 the first season I got 9 healthy plants. I have about twice that many now! Only complaint is they’re all pinks so not a variety of colors as expected. Still would buy again.” – Laura Wilson (Source: Amazon)