VASAGLE Retro 2-Tier Storage Cabinet Bookshelf

  • BRING BACK GOOD STYLE: Don’t let good looking furniture be a thing of the past – reinvent your home with a charming, mid-century bookcase by VASAGLE; this retro-inspired storage cabinet will look great in eclectic rooms in need of some extra storage
  • STORE WHAT YOU NEED: This bookcase features 2 tall shelving and a storage cabinet to hold your favorite books, games, and decorations; the simple push-to-open doors let you say goodbye to unnecessary door handles and grab your belongings with ease!
  • QUALITY ISN’T LOST: The canted legs of this bookshelf are solid rubberwood supported by both screws and wooden pegs for extra stability; with the durable particleboard frame, this storage cabinet supports up to 110 lb
  • SAFETY FOR YOU AND YOUR HOME: We want only the best for you and your home; we’ve included bottom pads for the legs to avoid scratching the floor as well as anti-toppling hardware to prevent this bookcase from accidentally tipping over

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“I ordered this a month ago and finally found the time to put it together. The color is darker than on Amazon, but it is exactly the color I had hoped for. Assembly was not difficult, although it was missing a few screws. Easily remedied, we had some on hand. I did not run into any problems with the doors not fitting as others experienced. No nicks or damaged areas. I bought this to store cookbooks behind the closed doors, my house is lacking for storage. And to hide TV wires or at least draw attention away from what shows. I believe this is supposed to be rustic industrial but you can easily convert it to cottage, French country, modern, industrial, and even Victorian depending on what you put on your shelves. It doesn’t take up a lot of space and has great utility. The stand is sturdy but if you have small children you could use a wall strap. I’m really liking this Bookcase, although for me, I’m using this more as a piece of accent furniture. It is very well designed and good workmanship.” – Bekka (Source: Amazon)

“Love the bookshelf for records and books and it has such great coloring. Easy to put together with 2 people, especially if you have a couple of screw drivers to make quick work of it. No electric drill needed for us as was stated in the manual.” – Brittany D (Source: Amazon)

“I typically don’t leave reviews for products but I had to for this one! I love the mid-century style of it and it’s well made. I am very pleased with the product!” – Nick Null (Source: Amazon)

“It took a while to put together, but worth it! Very sturdy and love the cabinets on the bottom to conceal your not-so decor-friendly items. Pleasantly surprised with how many boos it can actually hold” – Deanna (Source: Amazon)

“Lovely book shelf! Easy to assemble at a affordable price. I highly recommend this item if you’re looking to add more to your mid century vibes.” – Kimberly Ng (Source: Amazon)

“Wood is heavy and seems good quality. Pieces go together well. Pay attention to which way the boards are supposed to face so you don’t have to take it apart 2 times. The cabinet doors open and close beautifully and were very easy to put together” – Emily W. (Source: Amazon)

Other Interior Design or Decor Ideas

Vintage-Inspired Reading Nook: Create a cozy reading space by placing a comfortable mid-century modern armchair next to the bookshelf. Style the shelves with a selection of your favorite books, vintage decorative items, a small potted plant, and a classic ceramic vase for fresh flowers. Install warm, ambient lighting, such as a retro floor lamp or a table lamp with a fabric shade, to complement the era. Position the bookcase for easy access while seated, crafting an inviting spot for leisurely reading.

Retro Display and Media Unit: Use the bookcase in a living room or den as a multimedia stand by allocating the lower cabinet for storing vinyl records or DVDs. Rest a vintage record player or a set of aesthetic, simple-design speakers on top of the bookshelf. Showcase a mix of framed artwork, black-and-white photos, old cameras, or mid-century decorative items on the open shelves, keeping with the retro theme.

Home Office Organizer: In a home office, the VASAGLE bookcase can serve as a stylish yet functional storage hub. Organize office supplies like binders and file folders in the cabinet. Choose decorative boxes or fiber baskets that fit on the shelves to keep small items tucked away. Incorporate a few office-friendly plants like a snake plant or a pothos to add a touch of greenery. Decorate with personal items like framed family photos or awards to make the workspace more personal and welcoming.

Mid-Century Bar Cabinet Showcase: Convert the bookshelf into a statement bar area. Store a selection of spirits and mixology books behind the cabinet doors, and use the open shelves to display a curated collection of vintage glassware and bar accessories. Elevate the style with a brass or gold tray for decanters, a cocktail shaker, and place a couple of stylish stools nearby to set the scene for intimate gatherings.

Decorative Kitchen Storage: For the kitchen or dining area, the bookshelf can provide extra storage and display space. Keep serveware, cookbooks, and commonly used spices behind the doors. Display decorative dishes, a vintage cookie jar, or a collection of antique teacups on the open shelves. If space allows, hang a piece of framed retro kitchen art or a chalkboard menu above the bookcase to add character and charm to the space.

Mid-Century Plant Sanctuary and Display: Transform the VASAGLE bookcase into a plant sanctuary that harnesses the mid-century modern tendency to blend interior spaces with nature. Utilize the top of the bookshelf as a display for a collection of indoor plants with varying heights and textures, such as a rubber plant, snake plant, or a monstera. Use the open shelves for smaller potted plants, ensuring they have appropriate plant stands if needed for elevation. The enclosed lower cabinet can store watering cans, plant food, and other gardening tools out of sight.