Tribesigns Vintage Rustic Triple Wide 5-Tier Open Bookcase

  • DIMENSIONS: 70.9”H x 70.9”W x 11.8”D; compartments height is about 13.77”, each designed with upright panels to stop things falling off, this etagere brings a plenty of storage to the spaces that need it most.
  • INDUSTRIAL CHARACTER: Awash in a neutral finish that blends effortlessly with your existing color scheme. This etagere is a perfect pick for any room in your abode.
  • SUPER STURDY: Crafted from metal and manufactured wood, it features ten open shelves that each shelf can support up to 60lbs, super bearing 300lbs, giving a complete solution of storage and decoration.
  • Multi-functional: This clean-lined bookcase make the perfect spot to store family photos, books, potted plants, a collection of novels, and other around home essentials.
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: All tools and instructions needed are included,THE BOOKCASE WILL BE SHIPPED IN 2 PACKAGES, PLEASE ASSEMBLE IT AFTER YOU RECEIVE ALL THE 2 PACKAGES. If you get any problem with our products, please rest assured feel free to let us know.
  • FURNITURE LOAN: Affirm monthly payment plans available. No impact on personal credit score. No late fees.
  • FURNITURE INSURANCE: Allstate Furniture Protection Plan available with 3-year and 5-year options.

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A distinctive bookshelf may enhance the space significantly and occasionally even play the first piano. Select one with whimsical aesthetic structures that reflect your individuality and is both classy and functional. Drenched in a neutral finish that seamlessly fits with your current color scheme is this Tribesigns Vintage Rustic Triple Wide 5-Tier Open Bookcase. Any space in your home is a great fit for this etagere. Crafted from metal and manufactured wood, it features ten open shelves that each shelf can support up to 60lbs, super bearing 300lbs, giving a complete solution of storage and decoration.

Popular Amazon Reviews

“This is a very sturdy unit that is so expensive looking. I love that it holds so many books and tchotchkes! The brackets secure it to the wall so I don’t have to worry about my 2 year old toppling it. The finish is beautiful and looks like real wood. Took about an hour to assemble using a drill. No issues.” – retired and comfy (Source: Amazon)

“I needed something for a pantry in my kitchen. The skinny width was perfect to keep the walking area open to the bathroom, and it was super cheap for the quality! Box was damaged on arrival but it was well padded with styrofoam! I’m so happy! Other shelving units I looked at were over a grand! This one (while fake wood) is sturdy and perfect for what I was looking for!” – Megan DaSilva (Source: Amazon)

“Came earlier than expected which was a nice surprise! Super easy to assemble! Not to bulky but perfect for the look I was going for.” – Denyse B. (Source: Amazon)

“I love the look of this shelf. I’ve got more than enough room for my books and it looks just as good as the online pictures. At first I didn’t want to spend the money on this shelf, but after my husband and I estimated the price of building a metal pipe shelf this size we realized this was cheaper and easier.” – Michaela Mesa (Source: Amazon)

“The bookcase looks really nice. Wish it were real wood, and came with brackets to secure to the wall. The length of shelves for the price is hard to beat.” – Eric C Corrales (Source: Amazon)

Interior Layouts to Consider

Living Room – Open bookcases are the heart of living room decorations and organization. The living room can have an open bookcase to bring creativity with space management. The bookcase is a win-win situation for both big and small lounges. The design savvy racks bring space management and decor aesthetics to your living room in a subtle way. The open bookcase behind the sofa gives it a heightened effect and bigger view of the room. You can read and relax in the center of the house like this!

Near the Window – An open bookcase with an ottoman or an armchair near the window is a classic cozy spot idea. With the sunbeams making their way through the window, you can have a nice and soothing spot. Afterall, what is better than natural light coming in? Add a corner plant with your open bookcase to complete the whole vibe.

Under the staircase – If you are looking for a different setting for an open bookcase than the usual living room, the staircase is a great place to utilize. We see empty spaces under the staircase all the time, an open bookcase under it is two birds in one shot; you cover up space and it looks elegant. Place a rug in front of the bookcase and colorful floor cushion to hype up the look too.

Ways to Decorate Your Open Book Case

Bookcases are the center of attention and give insights of an artistic and tasteful design. You can add a variety of designs and ideas in one open bookcase by adding different items in it. What to add in your open book case?

Decorative Pieces – An open book case looks vibrant when it has little decorative pieces in some racks. These decorative pieces could be souvenirs from memorable trips, adding a colorful touch to your bookcase from far.

Books – Adding a variety of books in your open case keeps it decorated and also keeps them near you. Books in a bookcase are also a reflection of your interest and add a good impression to whoever comes across them.

Stationery – Stationery items like pencil cases always get lost in a home and are never there when needed. Hence, stationery items in your book case are safe and easier to find when needed.

Possible Mistakes to Avoid

Everyone can make mistakes in an home furnishing project. We are here to inform you about the mistakes to save you time and effort.

Wrong lighting – Do not place your bookcase opposite to the natural light. It will not only dim your bookcase’s grace but also make reading near it stressful for the eyes. Make sure to place your bookcase where the natural light comes straight inside.

Uncoordinated Heights – What kills a bookcase’s look is the books placed in the wrong heights and unorganized ways. This gives a dirty look to the interior and should be avoided.

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