The Succulent Cult 10 Assorted Live Succulent Cuttings for Terrariums & Mini Gardens

  • GUARANTEE HEALTHY ARRIVAL: Healthy arrival of cuttings with no roots or soil. for Every order comes with THE SUCCULENT CULT GUARANTEE of live healthy succulent cuttings and our assurance that you will adore your succulent cuttings.
  • UNIQUE VARIETIES: You will receive assorted succulent cuttings ranging from 1″ to 3″ in diameter or length NO ROOTS INCLUDED (depending on the variety and how they grow). Please note that our nursery growing cycle changes year-round, so varieties/species we send will vary weekly. Also note that during transit plants that had color to it seems to turn a blueish green in some cases because of the lack of light.
  • WHATS INCLUDED?: Succulent Cuttings with NO ROOTS, NO SOIL, NO POTS included. Please read the listing to be well informed of what you will be receiving as these cuttings will not include roots, soil, or pots. You WILL NOT receive exactly what is pictured as these are randomly selected by our staff on per order basis depending on availability of course.
  • UNIQUE GIFTS: Everyone loves receiving succulents as a gift, from moms and dads to grandma’s and grandpas. Our succulent cuttings are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face no matter the person or occasion.
  • DYI DECOR: Succulent cuttings are a great DYI project idea to add character to your home. Let your imagination run wild in creating something original and personal. Put them on display in geometric vases, unconventional planters such as baskets, lanterns, birdhouses, to wall mounts, dinner table centerpieces, or even desk decor.

“Did NOT Disappoint! Absolutely gorgeous and healthy! They were packed with care and I even got a few bonus babies!” – Colleen (Source: Amazon)

“They are fresh from California. They were lovingly wrapped in fluffy polyester. I am a gardener of sorts, but I just lost my brother and best friend in the last 3 weeks, what do I do with these? I wetted the tips where roots would come out of and dipped into rooting powder. Remember, I am a regular gardener! I need some dirty sand that I used grandkids sandbox sand and mix in some dirt and kept outdoor prairie prickly pear cactus alive last year. But not today or tomorrow. So I placed them in a tray and did not seal ziplock bag. They store water, so you do not want them soaking in water! And you don’t want them growing any bacteria or fungus. I will keep a close eye until they are settled in. Need a terrarium!” – Susan Bohdan (Source: Amazon)

“Amazing! Consider that these were in transit for 26 full days before they got to me in Panama, and then call me astounded and delighted! I was hoping for the best and I am not disappointed! They were packed perfectly in this soft, downy cottony stuff that held them (clearly) so well. There is a small pile of leaves that came off in transit (in the bottom right corner of the photo), but I will use them to try to propagate more! Hard to imagine after almost a month in a dark box with intense heat, not much air and no moisture that these are in such good shape! 😀 Will definitely order again!” – Dolly (Source: Amazon)

“Best Present I could have ever given. I purchased this plant for a co-worker for our Secret Santa office Christmas gift and she loves it! Great Packaging! Delivery was a little slow, but when it was finally delivered was very impressed.I think I will be purchasing one for myself.” – Zee Inspirations (Source: Amazon)

“The varieties exceeded my expectations. I ordered the 10-pack, received 6 rosette cuttings, the biggest one about 2 inches in diameter. The other four are a leafy one, a pointy one, and two towering ones. Very thoughtful collection of varieties—these cuttings can make one or two remarkably adorable combos, with proper combinations of rosettes and others.Packaging is nice, secure and not at all messy. I got mine in a small box filled with foam and the cuttings are in the middle of the foam. Arrived with just one or two snapped off leaves! All other cuttings are intact. And they’re healthy!Only thing I’d like to see improvement is some cuttings are way too short. Obviously the parents were grown in great conditions so they are compact. The leaves are very close to each other. Some rosette cuttings are less than an inch long. It’s required to remove a few leaves from bottom to promote rooting (roots emerge from where leaves are snapped off), so after that’s done the cuttings are only barely half an inch long and not to many leaves left.” – Siyao (Source: Amazon)

“Would definitely buy again! These arrived perfectly in a small box and had white fluffy filling around them. I placed them in this small dish with some potting soil for succulents, just because I wasn’t sure when I was going to get a chance to plant them and I wanted to get them acclimated to the soil right away. (Although I was able to plant them the next day.) As you can see, they were all in great shape and each one is unique. I’m very happy with them. I bought 2 dozen small clay pots and painted the outside of them white and pink and plan to add some tiny glow in the dark pebbles around each one. The photo of them shows 9 of the 10 succulents from this purchase, as well as some chicks and hens from my own garden. These will be used as table favors for a baby shower in 2 weeks. In the 3rd photo, you can see the 10th succulent in my own planter (it was a little too big for the tiny clay pot) and am showing this so you can see the glow in the dark pebbles that I’m using.” – Brenda W. (Source: Amazon)