Simple Designs Etagere Shelf Floor Lamp with Linen Shade

Illuminate your living space in style with our floor shelf lamp with linen shade. This gorgeous piece adds versatility as the shelves can be used to display photographs and other memorabilia while the linen lamp shade casts a soft, warming light throughout your living space.

  • Floor lamp with 3 shelves for storage/display
  • Linen shade casts soft warm glow
  • Assembly required
  • Lamp measures: l:10.2″ X w:10.2″ X h:63.3″
  • Uses 1 x 100W type a medium base bulb (not included)

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Lamp assembles in less than 5 minutes, seems sturdy as long as you tighten everything up right. Gives off a warm glow to your room and looks very elegant. Lamps like this are twice as much at Walmart and not as good of quality.” – Mr. T (Source: Amazon)

“I love this lamp so much i bought 4 of them. They are such a great value for the price, they are sturdy and add a special decorative something to each room. They also are very bright or dim depending on the bulb you use. I absolutely love these. Highly recommend!” – Michelle W (Source: Amazon)

The left image is the lamp with the light off. The right side is with the light on. I’m not a big fan of warm light so I got a cool LED light for it. I wish the wire was hidden but it’s not. So my spouse held down the wire to the side & now you can only see it at the bottom” – Vanessa (Source: Amazon)

“Bought this to upgrade our old floor lamp. When I saw this color, it really spoke “tropical“ to me. ☺️ Assembly instructions were easy to read. Hubby mentioned that it felt flimsy when he shook it, so that’s something to keep in mind and be careful about.” – Nerd-E-Artist (Source: Amazon)

“Worth every Penny!!! Easy to assemble, and I like the look and colour of this lamp as it goes well with my living room decor.I would recommend this piece if you are looking for some cool lamp to lighten up your room. And it’s not heavy, it’s very lightweight to move it around. So yeah overall a good purchase” – Gaurav (Source: Amazon)

“Surprised by end product. My daughter picked this lamp out for her nursery. I was a little nervous about it based on the pictures. It turned out super cute! It’s not as big as it appears in the ads but worked for her because the nursery is small.” – Vicki Klopfenstein (Source: Amazon)

“I don’t really write reviews but tbh this is my fav thing buying from Amazon honestly it’s so pretty & really easy to assemble, really nice for the price, I would really recommend it, I love how it looks in my living room, you can see in the pics how it looks I’m just in love😻” – Evelyn (Source: Amazon)

“Functional, great for small spaces. Super cute simple and functional decor piece. I originally got a lightbulb that was way too bright but even with a proper lightbulb it is nice and bright. The lampshade is nice and diffuses the light nicely. I originally put the pull cord to turn on lightbulb through the wrong hole and I would have to hold the tower still to support it but there’s actually a hole directly under the cord so when you pull the cord the tower is steady. Great purchase and I think it’s very functional for the price.I’m 5’6” and its as tall as my forehead. Also there are 2 zip ties included to tie it to the tower to make the power cord look more discreet.” – Julia L (Source: Amazon)

“Efficient and sturdy. I just moved and don’t have enough space for a nightstand so I bought this instead. It was easy to assemble but when you’re screwing in the double sided screws don’t go too deep because the poles won’t screw onto it (if your poles aren’t screwing in just unscrew the double sided screw a bit and try again). I added the little storage cubby’s from Amazon as well. I love it!” – Irene Ardila (Source: Amazon)

“Worth it for the price. Pros: Great quality for the price of it. Seems sturdy and description said 5’2 but it’s right at my height and I’m 5’4. So that’s a plus.Cons: There’s a shadow where the lamp shade is bonded together, so I faced that towards the wall. One side of the lamp shade also has a hair or something in it? I can’t get it out, I’m guessing it’s stuck in between.** still 10/10 recommend” – Amazon Customer (Source: Amazon)