Shop Succulents Premium Live Mini Cactus and Succulent Plant Pack Resilient Varieties

  • Included in purchase | (20) hand selected cacti & other succulent variety. Each plant may vary from pictures shown as succulents are hand selected based on season, size, health, and readiness.
  • Watering needs | Cactus summer: water generously. Let soil medium dry out between waterings. Winter: reduce watering to every other month. Succulent: water thoroughly 1x/week in summer and every 2-3 weeks in winter.
  • Fertilizing needs | Cactus: fertilize during the summer with cactus fertilizer. Don’t feed during winter. Succulent: feed with controlled-release fertilizer beginning of season or weekly with a weak liquid solution.
  • Soil | sun | potting | use well-drained soil. Regular potting soil or dirt won’t do. Use cactus soil/mix potting soil with sand/pumice/perlite. Approx 6 hrs of sun per day. Gradually give plant more sunlight each day.
  • | We strive to provide the highest quality plants delivered. 30-day . If plants arrive damaged or unhealthy, we will issue a full refund or replace your plant.

“I used these plants for memorial gardens of my puppies that have passed. They are beautiful and very healthy. LOVE!” – DS (Source: Amazon)

“So cute! very happy with purchase. I was worried buying live plants online to be delivered, but I was pleasantly surprised with how cute, colorful, & the variety I received. We’re giving them as a Mothers day gift for our employees and I’m excited to see their reactions to them. I did water them a bit, but OVERALL VERY HAPPY! The pictures don’t do justice, but they are adorable.” – Julia Rodriguez (Source: Amazon)

“I really wanted succulents to “warm up” my apartment. This was a pretty good price point so I took a change.The packaging was great. They packed it up really neat. All the plants were intact and good. The only annoying thing was the large amount of packing paper. It was a bit of a hassle to remove from the plants.I waited a few weeks before writing this review. I would say 75% of the plants survived. The plants in the picture aren’t what you get. You get whatever they have.All of my the rosettes died instantly. Very disappointing because I liked them best.For the most part, they are doing OK.I would probably recommend you buy succulents in person, but this isn’t that bad of a deal.I wish they had provided more information. I have no idea what each plant is, or what their individual needs are but ! I’m doing my best.” – TV (Source: Amazon)

“Nice and easy to plant. The succulents came well protected and ready to plant. I am happy with them.” – Catherine Sherrill (Source: Amazon)

“Good experience. I received a good selection similar to what was pictured, including 2 string of pearls which I wasn’t expecting, but they were a nice surprise! I planted them around my lonely jade plant lol. Yes there was some spilled dirt, but that’s to be expected with live plants shipment…” – Lebs (Source: Amazon)