Signature Design by Ashley Valebeck Farmhouse Barstool, Brown

  • The Tall Swivel Bar Stool has a mixed material design with a fashion-forward and farmhouse style
  • It is made of brown finished metal, wood, and engineered wood, and features a 360 degree swivel and a cushioned seat upholstered with linen colored polyester
  • The bar stool has a rustic flair, with neutral cushioned seat, swivel, and nailhead trim
  • It measures 19.5″ W x 19.5″ D x 43″ H and is suitable for use in the kitchen, at a counter height dining table, or as extra seating at a bar
  • Assembly is required, with easy-to-follow instructions and tools included (screwdriver not included)
  • The bar stool is directly from the manufacturer, Ashley Furniture, and is designed and manufactured with attention to quality and style
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The Signature Design by Ashley Valebeck Farmhouse Barstool provides functionality while incorporating a vintage aesthetic into the space. Its design adds a punch of personality, and its upholstered linen seat makes for a comfortable seating spot. This stool is ideal for multi-purpose use around the house — in a home bar, around high tables in the entertainment room, and along kitchen islands.

Interior Design Styles To Pair With

With its brown-finished metal and wooden parts, the barstool itself features a farmhouse aesthetic. This is complemented with the nailhead trim to create the ultimate rustic piece. It goes without saying that the farmhouse barstool perfectly pairs with the farmhouse interior design style. For similar reasons, it is ideal for rustic and vintage interiors. Beyond that, the natural beauty and ruggedness of this wooden piece are sure to shine in modern interiors. This helps create contrast in the otherwise monotonous style, and consequently, adds a punch of visual interest. The farmhouse barstool also offers a great way to highlight organic elements in mid-century modern interiors. The use of wood also makes it perfect for the traditional design style.

Popular Amazon Reviews

“These are perfect for our small/narrow bar space. We got them because they fit our criteria: has a back, attractive, affordable.We purchased these for our grandkids to use and I am really surprised at how bottom heavy they are. Those crazy munchkins wont be knocking them over or tipping them over. I have attached photos to show how the color of the stools change depending on light. We are in the middle of a remodel and these match our new furniture beautifully.” – Shay (Source: Amazon)

“Love these bar stools! I already spilled red wine on one and by some kind of voodoo magic, I was able to blot it out using just water and it did not stain. Assembly was pretty straight-forward and took 15-20 minutes per chair. Comes with everything you need except a regular screwdriver. Finished product seems to be quite sturdy; the seat and back are very comfortable. Highly recommend!” – Laura (Source: Amazon)

“I love these chairs! The style matches perfectly with my modern farmhouse kitchen and they are sturdy and comfy. 4 chairs fit just right on my 7 foot island. The swivel makes them perfect to turn around and use as conversation chairs since my kitchen opens up to the living area.” – Sean M. (Source: Amazon)

“I would recommend to unbox these outside; the styrofoam makes a huge mess. I bought four of these, and each one had it’s own quality control problem… small scratches/gashes in the wood back part, sloppy wood stain job, one swivel function is really tight. May need some WD-40. Nothing horrible to make me send them back, but just annoying. Overall I am happy and I like the way they look. The cushion is very firm and the back part tilts more outward than I would have liked.” – MDM (Source: Amazon)

“These bar stools are great, very well packaged and look awesome! They seem to be made of quality. It takes about 20 minutes to put a chair together. The only negative I have is that it can be a little hard to get them to sit level. Which seems to be the case with any Barstool I have bought. But once you sit on them they do not rock and are solid.” – Randy (Source: Amazon)

“Great bar stools! Great quality. Sturdy, with a nice back rest.” – Aaron Johnson (Source: Amazon)

“I love these barstools. They are sturdy, good quality and look really awesome in our kitchen. Cozy! One good thing to know, is that when you put them together, keep the screws loose on and tighten only after you slide that round metal “foot” piece on. Otherwise you can’t reach the holes with the screws! Took me a second to realize that, I thought the ring was just way too big. Once I figured that out it was smooth sailing from there. I do recommend these chairs, and the price is very reasonable I think. I do have to mention that one of the boxes came a little damaged and upon opening it, it appears to have been open and assembled before. It was the first box I opened and so took pictures but went ahead and assembled it anyway. Upon closer inspection, I saw two small chips. I decided to keep the chair but will reach out to Amazon and see what they recommend. I hate to take it apart to return it so hoping for some middle ground here… we shall see what happens.” – Bekka (Source: Amazon)

“These came super fast! (2 days!) Free delivery on top of that! Furniture delivered right to your door. Super easy to put together. I read the reviews though and knew not to tighten the legs too tight until I got the foot rest secured. That helped. They are not too hard but nor are they super soft but I think they are perfect for sitting at a bar to eat. Also, someone mentioned in a review that they do not swivel easily. They are not easy to swirl but neither or they difficult to swivel either. I like that because when a child sits the seat will not move super fast which could be a little dangerous. Plus it will not hit your counter tops a lot. Got them on Amazon Prime Day so I only paid $96 per chair but I saw them today for only $10 more. Just don’t think you can beat the price for what you get. They are beautiful. I was actually nervous about ordering these but after I got them and put them together I questioned why didn’t jump on this faster! I absolutely love them!” – Lisa (Source: Amazon)

“Really impressed with the quality. Look great, and assembly was fairly easy. The first stool – I took my time and made sure it was done right. The remaining 3 – took 15 minutes each. Recommend two people of new to assembly, for the experienced person, coukd do it alone. Smart buy!” – Amy C (Source: Amazon)

“Excellent quality! So pleased with this purchase. Easy to assemble. Got five assembled in less than an hour. Very sturdy and colors are perfect. The cushions aren’t as fluffy as I thought they’d be, but for a counter stool, they work fine.” –Angela Swan (Source: Amazon

“Love these stools! Only problems I have are some of the legs don’t level on the ground so I recommend installing sliders which help a bit. One of the chairs’ back piece does not align with one of the screws but I decided to keep it because it’s sturdy enough even with one screw left out.” – Emmanuel Aboah (Source: Amazon)

“Gorgeous! Absolutely love these stools. They are the perfect accent to our kitchen. Love how the woods all compliment each other. And they are very comfortable per my 6’1 husband.” – NN (Source: Amazon)

“We’ve been needed new barstools for a while and we’ve had these stools in our “save for later” cart. We finally decided to make the purchase and we are thrilled with out beautiful and sturdy they are. You do have to assemble them, but it’s very simple. It took me an hour or so to put all 4 together. There were a few small nicks in the wood on a couple of stools, but we used a stain marker that we already had on hand and it worked perfectly. We love these stools!” – Staci Walker (Source: Amazon)

“Great quality, very sturdy and real wood! As soon as you open the box you can smell the varnish. Very happy with my purchase!” – Amanda (Source: Amazon)

“We bought 8 of these and love them. They are comfortable and we love the look. We had a party and people were asking where we got them and if it would be ok if they got the same ones. We searched all over for these and these were by far the best quality and the best looking we found.” – Annette (Source: Amazon)

Ways To Decorate With The Valebeck Barstool

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Island: Pair these barstools with a large, white marble or butcher block kitchen island. The contrast between the barstools’ rustic flair and the sleek, clean lines of the island will create a stunning focal point in your kitchen. Accentuate the space with industrial pendant lighting above the island to marry the farmhouse aesthetic with a touch of modernity. Decorate with fresh herbs in terracotta pots and classic white dishware to enhance the farmhouse vibe.

Eclectic Home Bar: Design an eclectic home bar area by blending various textures and colors that reflect a global or bohemian style, with the barstools offering a neutral base. Hang colorful glassware on open shelving units and incorporate a reclaimed wood bar counter. Infuse the space with personality through vintage bar signs, a collection of unique bottle openers, and patterned area rugs to complement the earthy tones of the barstools.

Rustic-Chic Breakfast Nook: Transform a cozy kitchen corner into a rustic-chic breakfast nook by positioning a high, round table surrounded by these elegant barstools. Hang sheer linen curtains to allow natural light that beautifully highlights the textured upholstery and the nailhead trim of the stool. Use a mix of throw pillows with farmhouse patterns (such as plaid or floral) for added comfort and style. A simple, wreath-inspired chandelier or wall sconces can enhance the rustic ambiance.

Industrial Loft Workspace: Create a functional workspace in an industrial loft by incorporating a long, minimalist drafting table or high desk as your central piece. The metal elements of the barstools complement the industrial vibe, while the wooden accents and cushioned seats add warmth and comfort for long hours of work or creativity. Illuminate the space with sleek, adjustable desk lamps in metallic finishes and decorate the walls with monochrome art and floating shelves for books or display items.

Coastal-Inspired Dining Room: Embrace a gentle, coastal-inspired dining room by combining the barstools with a natural, unfinished wood dining table. Enhance the seaside ambiance with pendant lights in woven basket designs or light fixtures that mimic lighthouses or lanterns. Opt for a color palette of soft blues, greens, and sandy neutrals to complement the neutral cushion of the barstools. Decorative elements like driftwood, seashells, and clear glass vases filled with beach finds can tie the whole look together.

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