PHI VILLA Outdoor Patio Wood Dining Table Bench Set

  • 100% Acacia Wood – The outdoor dining set are made of 100% Acacia wood which is tough and abrasion, resistant with a longer service life. Oil finished surface, texture of the cross section is clear and beautiful.
  • Oil Finished Processing – The surface of the patio table bench set has been special treated with oil finish, which makes it get better property of weather resistant. It can be placed outdoors for a long time without careful care. When not in use, it is recommended that you use a furniture cover to get a longer service life
  • Sturdy & Stable – 1.97” heavy duty trapezium wood legs with non-slip foot pads design makes the wood outdoor table and bench sturdy and stable. In addition, the table top big enough and the bench has a strong load capacity to be used by 5 or more people at the same time.
  • Large Size – Dining table: 67.7″L x35.4″Wx29.7″H, Net weight: 59.5 lbs. Wood Bench: 63.0″Lx14.4″Wx17.9″H, Net weight: 27.6 lbs. Minimal assembly required by just 1 person.
  • Furniture Loan: Affirm monthly payment plans available. No impact on personal credit score.
  • Furniture Insurance: Allstate Outdoor Furniture Protection Plan available with 3-year and 5-year insurance options.

The PHI VILLA Outdoor Patio Wood Dining Table Bench Set is a teak-colored furniture set with a central dining table and two benches. It features a sturdy and stable build with a modern design. The oil-finished surface of the furniture set makes it resistant to certain weather conditions.

Exterior Design Styles To Pair With

The PHI VILLA outdoor dining set has a sleek silhouette made from acacia wood. This, paired with its minimal ornamentation, makes it suitable for the exterior of modern and contemporary homes. If your patio overlooks a lush garden with plenty of plants and flowers, this plain wooden dining bench set keeps the look grounded. Finally, the use of wood makes it ideal for traditional and rustic exteriors, too. In all types of exterior styles, the set helps diversify textures and add a hint of warmth while providing functionality.

Popular Amazon Reviews

“This table is gorgeous exactly as pictured! The table and benches are very sturdy and its such a pleasure to work outside with my laptop. The table has been the perfect upgrade to my backyard patio. My daughter easily assembled the table for us in less than 30mins. My husband and I are so glad we made the purchase. The customer service is exceptional and Phi Villa emails you quickly with any questions. I would highly recommend this company!” – Jim Poole (Source: Amazon)

“Beautiful! Looks so nice in my garden” – MommyLa (Source: Amazon)

Ways To Decorate The Room With The PHI VILLA Outdoor Dining Set

Use the PHI VILLA outdoor dining set in one (or more) of the following ways to make the most of its visual aesthetics — and functionality.

Top It With A Stunning Flower Setting – Spruce up the tabletop with fresh (or faux) flowers. For a minimalist approach, use a vase filled with vibrant-hued blooms. If you enjoy going a little overboard, use a colorful garland to lay as a table runner.

Place A Decorative Tray In The Center – Fill a decorative tray (bonus points if it’s made of wicker) with your favorite items and place it in the center of the tabletop. You can use a potted plant and candles for regular use, and top these with a jug of lemonade and wine glasses when you’re entertaining.

Add A Tablecloth – If the wooden tones of the table aren’t essential for your decor, you may also opt for a tablecloth. Consider using a pattern that suits the ambiance of your outdoor setup. Stripes and floral prints are two crowd favorites! Table cloths are especially suitable for outdoor parties, keeping the tabletop clean and stain-free.

Introduce A Touch Of Rustic – Create visual contrast on your patio by using rustic pieces on this otherwise modern dining bench set. To do the job, you may use a copper bucket as the centerpiece. Another fun and inexpensive idea would be utilizing an old, worn-out metal watering can. Fill this with some fresh-cut flowers to add to the aesthetics.