O&K Furniture 5 Tier Industrial Vintage Bookshelf

  • The bookshelf made of high level MDF board with wood grain PVC board and clean-lined metal frame, the Sturdy Construction determines large capacity.
  • Broad storage space (60.0″ x 11.7″) to maximize space, expand your small home or office into a personal library with the 5 shelf bookcase.
  • Bookcase Dimension(H x W x D): 79.9″ x 60.0″ x 13.0″; Height between Shelves: 15.7″; Each shelf can accommodate up to 100 lbs.
  • You can put the 5-tiers shelf in any room or office, and use it as a Multifunctional Storage Rack to display picture frames, green plant and travel collectibles in your home decor. Also, it is a sturdy rack to storage books.
  • As step-by-step instructions and all tools included, it’s convenient to install and disassemble. You can move it to anywhere as you need.
  • Furniture loan options available through Affirm, with no impact on credit score and no late fees.
  • Furniture insurance available through Allstate, with 3-year and 5-year options

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Made with a metal frame and wood grain board, O&K industrial vintage bookshelf gives your room and office unique appeal while keeping your interior mess-free. Its simple retro design provides a sense of industrial aesthetic, adding a deep artistic feeling to your home’s interior. Whether you want to organize your books or decorate your office, this vintage bookcase can be your next purchase.

Popular Amazon Reviews

“Great purchase! Very easy to unpack and assemble. Heavy and steady shelves. I love the openness and the look it brings to my living area.” – Ash & Rezzy (Source: Amazon)

“Was exactly what I was looking for. Open and airy, not to hard to assemble (better with two people), and no defects at all. Shelves may not be real wood but they look it, and match my floor very well. I’m happy!” – Donna C Kidd (Source: Amazon)

“Great sturdy piece. Looks great! It’s a little hard to get all the shelves connected. I think I overtightened the first one, maybe leaving them all loose until they are lined up would be better. But I didn’t have time for that. But I was able to do it by myself, another pair of hands would have helped with the x part. Added photo because we have a pretty large wall we needed to fill up so you can see the size. The second shelf we received had all the pieces and was easy to put together. The first one was missing the screw bag and had a broken crossbar of one of the x’s. Had to return the whole thing, which was kinda a pain getting it all back in the box. But glad we are through that and have a great piece in the living room.” – Sara (Source: Amazon)

“Reasonably easy to assemble — just don’t tighten all the screws as you go, instead get them in place and tighten at the very end. Much easier and avoids the problem of misaligned holes toward the end. Heavy duty and holds a ton of weight if you opt to load it with books. Looks great as a backdrop for podcast video recordings and interviews. Also happy that this is a tall, wide shelf. Previously ordered another that was far too small and looked silly on my big blank wall. Replaced with this one and couldn’t be happier.” – Gilbert Symington (Source: Amazon)

“Very easy to put together alone. Just needed a taller person who help me get it off the ground/stand it up. Perfect size for my empty wall in my kitchen” – Lara (Source: Amazon)

Interior Design styles That will Blend with O&K 5 Tier Industrial Vintage Bookshelf

Retro – While displaying an unusual fusion of new forms with vintage materials and finishes, the Retro interior style offers curved or angled furniture with a touch of metal. With clean lines and an abstract design, O&K industrial vintage bookshelf blends well with your retro interior, giving your house a unique yet rustic style.

Industrial – Old factories and other industrial buildings were transformed into lofts and other living spaces giving birth to a new interior style named industrial style. As the style focused on industrial touch, it showed traces of rustic wood and exposed metal. With these components, you may find furniture in any style and create a stunning industrial design. O&K vintage bookshelf gives you the same industrial style by showing off its wooden racks and metal rods and blending its components well with the industrial interior.

Urban – To produce a distinctive look that is ideal for inner-city life, urban interior design combines aspects of contemporary, modern, and industrial styles. Moreover, Urban design includes loft and warehouse conversions as its base, giving it a softer, cozier appearance than industrial design trends. O&K vintage bookshelf has all these styles that enable the furniture piece to be installed in an urban interior without any doubt.

Vintage – Modern and traditional fashions were combined to produce vintage around the middle of the 20th century. Vintage created a beautiful living environment in simplicity, comfort, and nostalgia. O&K bookshelf combines modern with the old rustic element to produce a pre-modern design style in your home. Considering the integrated design, the bookshelf can easily blend well in vintage interiors.

Ways to Decorate Your Room with &K 5 Tier Industrial Vintage Bookshelf

In addition to the bookshelf’s exterior, the inside space is of great importance. Thus, to make your O&K bookshelf stand out, you must focus on arranging stuff on the wooden racks. Let’s explore some common ways which can be used to make your shelf even more appealing.

Wall color – Choosing the right wall paint can enhance your O&K bookshelf’s appearance. Color palettes that are earthy and natural will go incredibly well with the shelf’s industrial style. Other colors that can complement your modern industrial bookshelf are white, black, grey, and brown. You can also create a textured accent wall in these colors to create a more pop-out bookshelf.

Don’t Forget to Arranging Books – Alternately stacking books horizontally and vertically will make your industrial bookshelf more visually appealing. Using accessories like bookends is one of the finest ways to decorate the space around your books. It will not only make your bookshelf clutter free but will also look elegant and stylish.

Use Vase – Refrain from the urge to over-accessorizing each shelf for picture-perfect bookcase décor. For vases and figurines, stick with a one-color or tone-on-tone palette while mixing up the shapes to maintain a tidy appearance. Keep on assessing your choice once you get the exact arrangement you want. This way, your shelf will offer much more than boring book storage, giving your room a clean and exciting interior.

Things to Watch Out for!

Nothing can go wrong with an O&K industrial vintage bookshelf, but you should be willing to spend time cleaning the mess and dust. You should keep the shelf organized before it gets cluttered.

Use a soft microfiber cloth and a mild cleanser to clean the dust on wood and metal rods. Avoid feather dusters as they only redistribute the dust and are not helpful for cleaning shelves or books. Before putting the books again, ensure the shelves have dried completely. These tips can help keep your shelves clean and dust free while making your accessories look fresh and new.