Neo Chair Ergonomic Swivel Home Office Computer Mesh Chair, White

  • [HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE] – Packaging shows what’s inside! Item is shipped in the manufacturer’s box. If this is a gift, consider shipping to a different address for the Holidays.
  • [BREATHABLE MESH] – Quality mesh ensures an optimal level of breathability. Built-in lumbar support promotes healthy posture.
  • [CUSHIONED COMFORT] – Exceptional level of comfortability for extended periods of sitting. Offers maximum support, reducing risk of discomfort.
  • [STURDY AND CERTIFIED] – Certified by BIFMA for safety and durability. Ergonomics promote healthier working environments.
  • [DURABLE MATERIALS] – Made from high-quality materials, combines durability and overall reliability. Maintains performance and daily wear.

“I recently purchased this chair, and I’m thoroughly impressed with the quality and aesthetics it offers at such an affordable price point.The ivory fabric combined with the white frame gives it a modern and clean look that brightens up my space. Assembly was a breeze – the instructions were clear, and I had it set up in no time. The wheels roll super smoothly, making it easy to move around my desk area.Comfort hasn’t been compromised for style; the soft fabric and breathable mesh back are perfect for long days, providing both support and comfort. It feels sturdy and durable – I think this will be a lasting addition to my space.This chair is truly a great value for money and has exceeded my expectations. Highly recommended!” – Rebecca A. Rose (Source: Amazon)

“I love this chair. It’s a perfect size and it’s so comfortable. Looks so good with my decor and most importantly reasonably priced. Im really happy with my purchase.” – Kevin P. (Source: Amazon)

“Nice chair, perfect for my home office desk. Really comfortable and love the color.” – Bethenny Crafts (Source: Amazon)

“Comfortable and modern for cheap! I purchased this chair for my desk at work. It was easy to assemble, comfortable, modern, and a great price!” – Melissa (Source: Amazon)

“It came in good condition and had all the tools I needed to put it together. It isn’t necessarily hard to set it up, but I had a hard time doing it because I am weak lol. Anyways, it’s exactly what I wanted and looks great in my room! I would definitely buy it again and recommend it to others. Good quality for the price! 100/10!!” – Carla (Source: Amazon)

“It’s fine! Wasn’t the easiest for me to assemble(I am female), it definitely required a lot of hand and wrist strength to put together, but the end result is nice and the chair functions as advertised.You will want a screw-gun for sure though, doing it by hand only would be a cruel joke.Took about 30 minutes to assemble both chairs.I like that you can tip back if you want OR lock the recliner to not tip back. It’s nice having an option.” – Danielle (Source: Amazon)

“I was looking for a chair that is cheap and nice and this is the one:)This chair is easy to assemble took me 10mins to make it done and it isn’t that heavy to move.The color looks good with my desk!I wanted to get a white chair but not that white because it gets dirty easily and I can see it well….but this grey chair is the perfect one I was looking for! it has white and grey together!! awesome!” – Hanna Kwon (Source: Amazon)

“Perfect budget chair! I didn’t install wheels on it, I don’t need them. But after a year and a half of using it every day, it is still strong! No problems, at photos actual, after 1,5 years in use.” – Dmytro (Source: Amazon)

“The chair is really nice but it was really difficult to get the screws on the back of the chair to allign. Once you are able to get it together the chair is very comfortable and looks really nice.” – Anabel Ramos (Source: Amazon)

Ways to Decorate with the Neo Home Office Chairs

Modern Minimalist Workspace: Create a clean and clutter-free area that highlights the sleek features of the NEO CHAIR. Use a white or light wood desk to contrast the blue mesh of the chair. Incorporate silver or chrome accents through desk accessories, like a lamp or pencil holder, to match the chair’s modern vibe. Keep decorations to a minimum, focusing on functionality and simplicity. A few green plants can bring life to the space without overwhelming it.

Vibrant Creative Studio: Embrace the chair’s energetic blue color by pairing it with equally vibrant colors. Position the chair in a space that houses various parts of the creative process—think a drafting table on one side and a computer desk on the other, both in light or complementary colors. Decorate with colorful art prints on the walls and choose storage options in bright, cheerful colors. This setting encourages creativity and is perfect for designers, artists, and writers.

Serene Coastal Theme: Combine the blue chair with a coastal-inspired palette of whites, sands, and soft greys. Incorporate materials like light wood, rattan, and jute in your furniture choices to evoke a beach-like feel. Accessories such as a woven rug, seashell decor, and a driftwood art piece can subtly enhance the coastal vibe. A white desk can serve as a clean, bright counterpoint to the chair’s blue, completing the calm and serene office setup.

Industrial Chic Home Office: For those who love the industrial design trend, the NEO CHAIR can perfectly fit into a space that combines raw materials with a sophisticated aesthetic. Think of including items like a minimalist metal desk, open shelving units constructed with a mix of wood and metal, and decorations that flavour a slightly worn, vintage look. The chair’s sleek design and color can add a pop of freshness and vibrancy to the rough industrial backdrop.

Tech-Inspired Gamer’s Haven: Given its design that caters to comfort and posture over long periods, this chair would be at home in a gaming setup. Combine the chair with a sleek, black gaming desk equipped with LED lighting for a futuristic appeal. Accessorize with high-tech paraphernalia: multiple monitors, a high-end gaming keyboard, and a mouse with custom RGB lighting. The cool blue of the chair can complement both the genre’s usual black and RGB lights, making for a visually striking and highly functional gaming station.