Nathan James 6-Shelf Wall Mount Bookshelf, Rustic Brown & Black

  • This 6-tier tall, modern wall mount bookcase or shelving dresses up any space with its industrial style of wood and metal.
  • With wider shelves, this tall bookshelf offers substantial storage with open shelves to display decor, collectibles or books.
  • Has a sleek and space-saving style you can use for your office, kitchen or living room..
  • Create the perfect space thanks to the modular design of Theo 6-tier wood and metal ladder shelf by lining several bookcases up together on a wall.
  • 40-minute assembly and lifetime manufacturer warranty: try for 100 days.
  • Furniture Loan: Affirm monthly payment plans available. No impact on personal credit score. No late fees.
  • Furniture Insurance: Allstate Outdoor Furniture Protection Plan available with 3-year and 5-year options.

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The Nathan James 6-Shelf Wall Mount Bookshelf is a 6-tier tall, wall-mounted shelving piece. It features an industrial style with a mix of wood and metal. The six open shelves provide room for storing — and displaying — decorative items, collectibles, and books.

Interior Design Styles To Pair With

The Nathan wall-mounted bookshelf has an industrial metal frame and natural wood finish. Pair it with the following interior design styles to make the most of its aesthetic appeal and functionality:

  • Scandinavian: The clean, sharp lines and minimal build of the bookshelf make it suitable for Scandi-style interiors.
  • Modern: Modern design styles focus on neutral and earthy color palettes while skipping unnecessary ornamentation, as seen in the Nathan bookshelf.
  • Eclectic: This interior design style is all about showcasing your personality in your room — and the six shelves of the bookcase provide an opportunity to do just that! Display your belongings and collectibles to add a punch of character to your eclectic space.

Popular Amazon Reviews

“This shelf was perfect for the smaller space I had in the office. Super sturdy and really cute for the price point.. I was super impressed. It took about 15 mins to assemble and then another person and myself put it up to the wall in about 2 mins. I decided to paint the white metal part to match my metal desk but it’s adorable as is too! The wood is really nice.” – Rachel (Source: Amazon)

“So easy to assemble and secure to the wall! I was looking for something to cover a large wall in our family room and I love these and I loved the price! I was little concerned about the sturdiness of the shelves because of kids and dogs. More our dog than our son honestly! Our dog is a complete klutz, he runs into everything and would occasionally drag his bed into our previous shelf, but these should be just fine. I was surprised by how snugly the shelves fit to the wall.Please excuse the decor on the shelves, that is the next step! Lol” – Sydney Parrott (Source: Amazon)

“I absolutely LOVE them.Super easy to assemble, sturdy and beautiful.Super fun to style it and can be used for many things. Got 2 and it truly completed my dining room! 100% recommend.” – Lais Hough (Source: Amazon)

Ways To Decorate The Room With The Nathan Bookshelf

You can use the Nathan bookshelf to decorate your interior in more ways than one.

Use It To Display Decorative Elements In The Living Room – Mount the bookshelf onto a wall of your living room to display your favorite decor pieces. Consider mixing and matching wicker baskets, aroma diffusers, plants, artwork, and more, to create visual interest. Finally, use a piece of artwork on one side of the shelf and a floor vase on the other to create a beautiful setup.

Leverage Its Storage Capacity In The Kitchen – Don’t have a pantry? No problem! Attach the Nathan bookshelf to a wall of your kitchen, and use it to store all your pantry items. You can divide items according to shelving. For example, the topmost for loaves of bread, the next for baking goodies, and so on. Likewise, you can utilize it to store other kitchen essentials, too.

Utilize It To Store Books In The Office – If you’re running short on space in your home office, use this wall-mounted bookshelf to meet your storage needs. It can stack books, notepads, and files, keeping them organized and easy to reach.

Use The Bookshelf To Display A Particular Passion – You can also use the bookshelf to showcase your passions. An artist? Display your works of art on each shelf. For plant parents, the shelving provides room to display all your potted plants, while travel lovers can showcase their souvenirs from across the world on the bookshelf.