Modway Transmit Mid Century Modern Bookcase

  • MID-CENTURY BOOKCASE – An organic aesthetic, clean lines and open design bring mid-century intrigue to your entryway or living room. Update your home decor with this charming retro modern bookcase
  • LONG BOOKCASE – The perfect statement piece, three tiers of display shelves organize your home decor and memorabilia. Update your decor with a sophisticated design featuring a stylish offset design
  • STURDY CONSTRUCTION – Supported by splayed and tapered dowel wood legs, this display stand is crafted with durable particleboard that boasts walnut wood grain laminate and seven spacious shelve spaces
  • OPEN STORAGE – The perfect frame for displaying pottery, books, photos, and other decorative accents, this vintage wooden bookcase features open storage to showcase and organize home accessories
  • FURNITURE LOAN – Affirm monthly payment plans available. No impact on personal credit score. No late fees.
  • FURNITURE INSURANCE – Allstate Outdoor Furniture Protection Plan available with 3-year and 5-year options.

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Bookshelves in your home are a must-have furniture item, primarily because of their versatility. You can use them to keep your books, of course, but you can also display art, greenery, other knick-knacks, and above all, your prized possessions. Beyond their storage quality, the best thing about them is they can also be put anywhere in the home. From modern, mid-century, Scandinavian, Boho, traditional, to minimalist home – you name it, they fit so well, as they were made to be a part of those interior designs. 

Popular Amazon Reviews

“I assembled this alone (including sorting out pieces before starting) in 90 minutes. If you’re building it alone, I recommend using books or 4 even-height objects at the corners to keep it off the floor as you put it together. This helps with stabilizing it as you add shelves, and leverage that having another person would offer. It looks more expensive than it is, which is terrific!” – Amazon Customer (Source: Amazon)

“It’s a lovey piece. I was concerned it may not be strong enough to completely fill with records, so I put some elsewhere. The records do stick out past the unit, but it’s ok.” – Elaine (Source: Amazon)

“Love this shelf, took about 90 minutes to assemble by myself. NOTE: I added the darker wood square in the middle, this was not included with this item. This really is beautiful and is definitely a good value, especially at this price.” – Ceci (Source: Amazon)

“It was a bit of work to put together but the directions were clear and it feels really sturdy. I love how it adds character to my office! Very happy with the purchase!” – Spring Lake Counseling (Source: Amazon)

“The book case was easy to assemble and they just look great.” – Scott Edgar (Source: Amazon)

4 Stying Tips for a Stunning Bookcase Decor

With these few designers suggested tips, your bookcase will turn absolutely stunning in no time; just keep these 4 pieces of guidance in mind as you begin your styling journey:

Don’t clutter It up – Want to create an Instagram-worthy picturesque design? Resist the urge to showcase all kinds of stuff on every shelf. Avoid adding storage boxes to hold receipts, trays of your loose change, or piles of your mail, as they don’t belong to your bookcase. Keep it clean by selecting a monochromatic theme for vases and sculptures, and make sure to add up a few shapes. Keep coming back to analyze the overall balance of your arrangement; place some items off-center, or try adding larger or smaller things until you really appreciate what you see.

Maintain a cohesive color scheme – We’re not implying that you have to color your books, but try finding one or two dominant colors that you can repeat in your bookshelves styling. This way, the finished design will look more soothing to the eye than adding multiple colors randomly. Also, consider grouping books by colors per shelf if that looks nice to you, or you might want to opt for a neutral color scheme everything works well as long as you do it carefully.

Make it substantial – Stuff that holds special importance for you or evokes certain memories makes an excellent bookcase décor. Bring out all your souvenirs from travels or even artwork that you have collected over time from the flea market to decorate the shelves.

Go with horizontal stacks – It’s oddly satisfying to see a perfectly arranged row of books filling up a shelf; however, if you want a more dynamic look, try creating intervals of horizontal piles between the vertical books. Then use these stacks of horizontal books to serve as a stand for smaller items; this helps add some visual interest to your bookcase décor.