Modway Render Mid Century Modern TV Stand Media Console Entertainment Center

  • MID-CENTURY TV STAND – An organic aesthetic, clean lines and a flared profile bring mid-century intrigue to your living space. Update your home decor with this low profile retro modern TV stand
  • SUPERIOR CONSTRUCTION – Sitting atop tapered legs, this TV stand features a sturdy and strong frame that boasts natural wood grain laminate. Center cable management hole help to hide unsightly cords
  • VERSATILE ENTERTAINMENT CENTER – The perfect piece for living rooms, bedrooms, and lounge areas, this media console accommodates your entertainment essentials with ease while supporting TVs up to 64″
  • SPACIOUS STORAGE – Slatted sliding doors conceal adjustable shelves on both ends, and a center glide drawer provides space for loose media accessories. Includes a center shelf for storage as well

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“expensive looking media stand!! This tv stand is exactly what I was looking for! Relatively easy to assemble, just time consuming. Modern, sturdy, low-sitting, and it didn’t break the bank. Beautiful piece of furniture that resembles the overpriced pieces I looked at initially. Great find, 100% recommend!!” – Mackenzie (Source: Amazon)

“Very nice piece for the price.The assembly takes some time (took me about 2 hours) and the instructions are misleading given that the illustrations don’t show you exactly where to place the parts.The overall product is well made and sturdy. It’s mostly particle board however the wood laminate/veneer feels to be great quality. I would most definitely recommend this piece.” – Daniel (Source: Amazon)

“Great quality. I agree with other reviews that this console is very good quality. The wood is not real, so it is prone to scuffs and scratches easy, but it looks and feels great. It was packaged well, and the assembly instructions were detailed (it takes an hour or two to put together). I highly recommend this console if you’re looking for a mid century modern look.” – Conner (Source: Amazon)

“Good quality and nice looking tv stand but was damaged during shipping unfortunately it was the top piece and right in the middle. Not a deal breaker but unfortunate. Should’ve been packaged so that the finished side of the wood was facing in and that way the damage wouldn’t be visible” – Aidan Pugsley (Source: Amazon)

“I have used this stand for over a year now and I still love it! The quality is pretty decent for the price, and the instructions were pretty simple to follow. The one draw back is that the stand has bowed a bit under the weight of our TV over time. Our TV is a little older, so is not exactly light, around 15 to 20 lbs. the bow is very slight and hardly noticeable, and I still love this stand. There have been no chips in the corners, and the material is sturdy enough to have not bubbled at all when I splash while watering my plants. I would purchase again!” – Michelle (Source: Amazon)

“This TV stand is very well built and sturdy. Looks a lot more expensive than it was! Our 55” TV fits perfectly on here with room on both sides so it doesn’t look awkward. Love the storage compartments and the look of it. The only downside, and it’s not really a downside unless alterations bother you, but the way our Xbox One cords sit in there it was pushing it forward so you couldn’t move the door over. My husband just cut a bigger hole in the cord part of the back on that particular section and now it fits perfectly and we’re able to use the door without issue.” – The Barrons (Source: Amazon)

“Absolutely loved the look of this tv stand when I saw it. For the price it is great quality and looks MUCH more expensive in-person. Have gotten many compliments on it and love the retro/mid century style. The sliding doors and drawer on the front are perfect for keeping things hidden and tidy. I am terrible at putting furniture together so this took me more than the average person, at about 2 hours or so. Make sure you are paying attention to where the veneer is and its visibility overall relative to the front/back as some pieces have to be assembled exactly or you will end up seeing the particle board side. I put pieces on backwards (shelves) and had to backtrack a couple of times. Again I’m terrible at this type of stuff. This isn’t the sturdiest piece of furniture but it’s more than fine for a larger tv. Mine is 55” and fits perfectly. I have seen other reviews of it sagging in the middle under weight. I can definitely see that happening so avoid putting heavy or undistributed weight in the center. It’s made for a single tv with properly distributed weight. Overall very very happy with the purchase, quality and look. If you’re on the fence about it, I would say go for it!” – Amazon Customer (Source: Amazon)

“Looks way more high end than it actually is. I get many compliments on it! It takes a long time to put together and each step has multiple parts to it, but! The end result is awesome. *there’s glass behind the rolling doors. Initially I thought it was just open air but it’s not. And there’s also only one technology hole drilled into the center of the back piece, making it impossible to put anything with a cord needing to be plugged in into the side shelves unless you make a new hole.” – Phillip Galtman (Source: Amazon)

This is truly a beautiful piece. The sliding covers in the front look so pretty, and, in general, this looks far more expensive than what it is. Beautiful mid-century modern vibe — looks like real wood, and is sturdy enough to act like real wood too. Not a whole lot of storage if that’s important to you, but it changed the whole look of our living room and I absolutely LOVE it.” – BeantownHockey (Source: Amazon)

“I love this tv stand. They sell one similar on wayfair and other websites but for a way higher cost and the same quality. This looks great in our house and the sliding doors and drawer hide our electronics for a clean minimalist look. It’s everything we wanted.” – Amazon Customer (Source: Amazon)

Ways to Decorate with the Modway Render TV Stand

Mid-Century Modern Mix: Pair the TV stand with classic mid-century furniture pieces, such as an Eames lounge chair or a Noguchi coffee table, to create a cohesive look. Incorporate soft textures through area rugs or throw pillows in mustard, teal, or burnt orange to add warmth. Hang geometric or abstract art pieces on the wall to complement the mid-century vibe. Use the open shelving and compartments to display vintage finds, such as old cameras or record players, alongside modern devices for a blend of old and new.

Scandinavian Simplicity: Complement the TV stand with a Scandinavian-inspired decor that focuses on minimalism, functionality, and natural materials. Choose a light, neutral color palette with accents in soft blues and greens. Add a streamlined, light-wood coffee table and comfortable, understated seating. Decorate with simple, elegantly designed vases or candles on the stand and use natural fabrics such as linen or wool in your soft furnishings. The simplicity will highlight the TV stand’s clean lines and wood grain.

Bohemian Chic: Create a bohemian-inspired lounge by pairing the TV stand with eclectic furniture, like a Moroccan pouf, a vintage leather armchair, or a colorful overdyed rug. Layer textures and patterns through blankets, pillows, and wall hangings, and add life with a variety of potted plants or a macrame plant hanger. Use the storage spaces to stash away technology and clutter, keeping the focus on the artistic and botanical elements that define boho style.

Industrial Edge: Contrast the walnut finish of the TV stand with industrial elements to create an edgy look. Incorporate metal accents through side tables or lighting fixtures and add a raw, exposed feel with a brick wallpaper or metal wall art. Soften the industrial vibe with a plush, dark-colored rug and leather seating. The TV stand’s sleek design and natural wood will provide a warm balance to the industrial decor.

Contemporary Glam: Elevate the TV stand into a glamourous setting by incorporating luxurious textures and reflective surfaces. Think velvet upholstery, a mirrored coffee table, or metallic finishes on decor pieces. Choose a sophisticated color palette with blacks, golds, and deep blues or purples. Use the stand’s shelves to display high-end electronics or decorative items like crystal decanters or designer books, and add a pop of color with a bold vase or piece of art.