Finnhomy Rattan Kitchen Buffet Sideboard Storage Cabinet, Natural

  • This storage cabinet combines classic and modern elements, with a natural rattan weave and rattan decorated doors that add aesthetic beauty and practicality
  • It has a large size, measuring 31.5″ L x 15.75″ W x 34.65″ H, and features an adjustable shelf and a wide desktop that maximize storage space
  • The cabinet is made of premium MDF (P2 grade) and solid wood legs, ensuring a long service life and high quality
  • The surface is coated with environmentally friendly lacquer, which is moisture-resistant and has no harm or odor
  • The classic black cabinet and wood color doors offer a retro and modern style that can blend in with various home decor styles, adding a touch of unadorned elegance to your space
  • The cabinet is easy to assemble, with clear instructions and labeled parts, and the smooth painted surface is easy to clean
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A buffet sideboard storage cabinet is a great way to spruce up your kitchen or dining room. Not only will it provide extra storage, but it can also act as a buffet or serving area when entertaining guests. This type of cabinet can add a touch of elegance and class to any room, and it’s also a great way to keep your belongings organized. Here are some ideas for using a kitchen buffet sideboard storage cabinet to decorate your room.

Ideas for Using Kitchen Buffet Cabinet

Use it as an Entryway Table – A kitchen buffet sideboard storage cabinet makes a great entryway table. You can use it to store things like your keys, wallet, and phone so that you always know where they are when you’re coming in and stepping out of the house. You can also use the top of the cabinet to display decorative items like flowers or a vase.

Use it as a Coffee Station – If you love coffee, you can use your kitchen buffet sideboard storage cabinet. You can keep all of your coffee supplies in the cabinet so that they’re close at hand when want to sip the coffee. Moreover, you can also use the top of the cabinet to display some coffee mugs or cups.

Use it as a Bar – Use your kitchen buffet sideboard storage cabinet to entertain guests. Keep your wine glasses, liquor bottles, and mixers in the cabinet to be within reach when needed. Use the top of the cabinet to showcase some bar tools or snacks.

Popular Amazon Reviews

“I’ll start with the Cons: Some of the parts are “cheap.” The doors don’t have soft close so it just a cheap magnet on the top to hold the doors shut. Most cheap furniture comes with the soft close hinges but I guess it’s not a big deal. Another thing I didn’t like too much is that the doors are really thin – when I open and close the cabinet you can hear the echo of the hollow door opening (it sounds dramatic) but it makes it feel “cheap.” I know buying furniture on Amazon I can’t expect quality fake wood. The pros: The unit is so attractive in the area I have it. It gives a lot of character to the room and actually outshines my other furniture. It looks expensive. It’s really sturdy so it’s not a flimsy or wobbly piece. I use it to store shoes, board games and toys and it has a lot of storage space. The legs have little adjusters at the bottom in case you have an uneven floor like I do. I love how it looks in my space.” – NMC (Source: Amazon)

“It is a beautiful cabinet. I wanted to get two of these to put with my tv screen but I thought to buy one first to see how it looks like for real then get the other one but when I did this it was sold out already. It was easy to install. Also it is sturdy. It is made with good quality and the color is very beautiful. It fits so many things inside it. I just think it is a little pricy for an amazon product. But compared to original one it is definitely a good purchase. I recommend it.” – Mayada (Source: Amazon)

“My house has a lot of Serena & Lily, this is a good dupe. Obv not the same quality but I bought two for around $300, what more can you expect. I was able to assemble both in about 2 hours. Directions were clear; however, the items were not properly labeled. Had I not had to figure that out I would’ve saved some time. Overall very satisfied and I’m quite picky.” – CasaBella (Source: Amazon)

“This is such a great buy! It pulls off an expensive piece of furniture. I put them together alone and took me about an hour and a half! Absolutely love and 10/10 recommend” – Jenna (Source: Amazon)

“We needed a small cabinet or console table in our entryway after moving to a new place. This is so much more lovely in person and, for the cost, was perfect. Took one person about an hour to assemble and seems very sturdy for what it is. Another thing I like is that the rattan detail on the doors is over a piece of the wood and is way more solid than I thought it would be. There is also a decent amount of storage. Would 100% recommend!” – h_holman (Source: Amazon)

“Waited a little longer than normal prime to get these but so worth it!! These are beautiful!!! Exactly what I was looking for. I ended up ordering 2 and it was perfect!” – JonMac (Source: Amazon)

“I am not the most handy, so I did have a friend put these together, he put them both together in about 40 minutes. They are exactly what I’m looking for & fill my space perfectly!” – Jordyn Sell (Source: Amazon)

“Put together they make a good sized storage cabinet and fit all the xtra kitchen accessories I had wanted nearby. I’d imagine one on its own would do great as well if that’s what your space would allow. The cabinet is very sturdy and well made. I had them put together by someone else who used a power drill, it took about half an hour each.” – Dana G (Source: Amazon)

“This is a lovely cabinet. Easy to assemble and sturdy. I like that they gave 2 color options for the door handles. The natural one that I used and a black one for a contrast, which I can switch to if wanted. I would definitely purchase more if I need another one. But it has plenty of storage for what I needed it for.” – WCWF (Source: Amazon)

“I bought three of these to go under my tv in the living room. They are beautiful. I swapped out the legs for some black metal ones I found on Amazon for a more seamless “one piece” look. The doors are a little tricky to get lined up perfectly. A couple reviews say they are not sturdy, but mine are very sturdy. It is important to drill in the little white plastic pieces to the back! It helps A LOT. It was extremely easy to put together as well. Overall, I love them!” – Cyndie T. (Source: Amazon)

“Very beautiful! Fast shipping, easy installation, it looks very pretty!” – Atika Mayendra (Source: Amazon)

Ideas for Styling Your Kitchen Buffet Sideboard Storage Cabinet

One of the great things about buffets is that they offer a blank canvas for styling. Here are a few amazing ideas to get you started:

• Create an eye-catching display by filling the shelves with your favorite dishes, cookbooks, or glassware.
• Hang artwork or mirrors above the buffet to create an interesting focal point.
• Use baskets or trays on the shelves to organize items and give them a finished look.
• If your buffet has doors, consider adding decorative hardware or painting them boldly for a pop of personality.

Things to Watch Out for

If you’re an interior designer, there are a few things you need to be well aware of before you start using this piece in your design projects.

Use Right Proportions – Make sure the proportions are right. A crucial thing you want for your buffet sideboard storage cabinet is to stick out like a sore thumb in your design room. Generally, the cabinet should be about two-thirds the width of your sofa and shorter than your coffee table. If you need more clarification on the proportions, take some measurements and play around with different types of arrangements until you find something that looks good.

Take Care of Height – Be aware of the height of the buffet sideboard storage cabinet. It is especially important if you’re planning on using the cabinet as a buffet table for entertaining guests. You don’t want your guests to have to stoop down uncomfortably to reach the food or drinks, so make sure the height of the table is comfortable for everyone.

Ensure The Room is Properly Lit – Make sure there’s adequate lighting. Because buffet cabinets are generally quite tall, they can cast a bit of a shadow in a room if they’re not properly lit. If you’re using the cabinet as part of a dining room design, ensure enough light so your guests can see what they’re eating. You may need to add an extra lamp to provide adequate lighting.