Emerald Home Chandler Rustic Industrial Solid Wood Coffee Table, Pine Brown

The wood and steel of the Chandler collection pair brilliantly with any style family or living room, instantly creating the look and feel of history in your space. The planked top highlight the wood’s natural knots and grain and will only look better with age. Solid steel angled legs and cross-bracing with metal rivets details provide an architectural look. Arrives in one box and assembles in minutes; easy to unpack, assemble with included tools and instructions, and set in place to enjoy. Makes clean up a snap with durable materials and finishes. Simply dust with a soft dry cloth and clean up spills when they happen.

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“I’m not going to act like I’m good with interior decorating, but it has a rustic and modern feel in my opinion. Quite sturdy too. Description photos are accurate. Another plus is that it was delivered almost a week earlier than it was expected.” – Amelia (Source: Amazon)

“I bought this table weeks ago and i only had the chance to put it together last night! Very very easy to install. The screws fit well. The instructions could be better because i have a few more unused screws left. I only used 8 screws all together. Overall im very happy of this purchase. Item isn’t that heavy and requires 2 people to assemble.” – I. Baron (Source: Amazon)

“This table was EXACTLY what I was looking for. It looks just like the photo and came right on time. I was able to assemble it myself with no problem, highly recommend.” – Pen Name (Source: Amazon)

“Exceeded my expectations. Great quality item.” – R. Carmona (Source: Amazon)

“Bought this for an outdoor covered porch. I’m not sure if it will stand up to the elements, but for the price, im risking it. It’s absolutely beautiful and my husband said it’s the easiest piece of furniture to put together that I’ve bought.” – Amazon Customer (Source: Amazon)

“This table definitely exceeded my expectations! I’ve been looking for a coffee table for a long time and this was the perfect size and just the style I wanted. It is darker than I expected, but based on reviewers’ photos I’m guessing there is some variation in the stain and wood. I don’t mind at all. The wood has a rich, warm rustic look. It is sturdy and was very easy for my husband and I to put together. My husband did not curse once! There was no odor, as other reviewers had mentioned. The surface is a little rough to the touch, but if you want a smoith , glossy finish, this rustic look is probably not for you anyway. Now, I just wish the matching end table wasn’t more expensive than the coffee table!” – NY Maddie (Source: Amazon)

“I have received so many compliments on this table. It looks great and is very sturdy. Only took about 15-20 minutes to assemble with two people (including time to figure out instructions). The top isn’t completely flat as noted by other reviews, but it still works perfectly fine (I keep my drinks on the table with no issues) and adds to the charm. The color is lighter than expected but I think that varies with each table. There was also a little bit of a smell to it at first but that went away after a day. Overall great table, would recommend!” – Kaitlin S. (Source: Amazon)

“I waited two years to purchase a coffee table for my new home. Between have young kids, not knowing how I’m decorating, and deciding what to spend money on first—I just put off the coffee table. I finally found this one at an AMAZING price for a GORGEOUS table! It’s real wood and it has the perfect amount of “flaws” giving it a rustic feel. For the money spent, I’d be OK with having to replace, but I’m not feeling like that will be anytime soon. Great quality. Quick assembly. Perfect!” – Heidi S (Source: Amazon)

“I am in love!!! The quality of this table is outstanding. I’ve gotten so many compliments on this coffee table and it appears much more expensive than its actually price. I found assembly to be pretty easy and I was able to put it together in 30-45 minutes. The table is perfectly imperfect, which adds so much character to living room decor. The table is well-suited for a variety of styles including contemporary, modern, rustic, or shabby chic. If you’re on the fence about this table, don’t be. It’s one of my favorite Amazon purchases.” – Carmina (Source: Amazon)

“Love this table! Took a week to arrive but well worth the wait! One of the metal pieces was not flush but I was able to hammer it down. It’s much bigger than I anticipated but I love it! Looks way more expensive than it was. I was worried mine would be uneven on the top after reading some reviews but mine is smooth and flat. The side table is huge as well! It wobbles but I’m ok with that. It’s very tall!” – Lucky Girl (Source: Amazon)

“Love this! it fits so perfectly in our house hold, We are very into rustic decor and it matched perfectly with the rest of our home. Very easy to put together, I placed the books under the shelf like others mentioned and it made it very easy to build. Very sturdy, I was looking for a coffee table for so long. Who knew Amazon would once again go for the win.” – Kaye Baron (Source: Amazon)

Ways to Decorate with the Chandler Coffee Table

Vintage Leather Accents: Vintage leather embodies the essence of timelessness and durability; characteristics that resonate well with the Chandler table’s pine wood and steel combination. Looking for items like a classic, leather photo album not only infuses a sense of history and personalization into your living space but also introduces a tactile element distinct from the wood and steel. Moreover, consider finding unique leather coasters. These not only serve a practical purpose by protecting the wood but also age beautifully, much like the table itself. The patina that develops on leather over time will complement the table’s pine surface as it weathers and matures.

Terrariums or Rustic Planters: The inclusion of greenery in a living space is a seamless way to breathe life into industrial and rustic themes. Opt for hardy, low-maintenance plants that won’t shed easily, minimizing mess on your coffee table. Succulents, placed in a sleek glass terrarium, contrast yet complement the table’s pine and steel; the transparency of the glass adds a lightness to the heavy materials. Alternatively, select rustic planters—perhaps those with a distressed patina or made from terracotta—to underscore the table’s rugged aesthetic. Positioning these on the lower shelf can draw the eye downwards, emphasizing the table’s unique structural design.

Edison Bulb Table Lamps: Edison bulb lamps not only illuminate but also serve as decor. The bulb’s visible filament offers a nod to early 20th-century innovation, aligning with the coffee table’s industrial inspiration. When selecting a lamp, consider one with a base that mimics the table’s design elements, such as distressed metal or reclaimed wood. Its placement on the table isn’t merely functional but becomes a statement piece that accentuates the ambience. This addition flawlessly bridges functionality with aesthetic aspirations, casting a warm glow that highlights the table’s pine surface and metal detailing.

Metal and Wood Book Stands or Frames: Emphasizing the Chandler coffee table’s architectural qualities can be easily achieved by incorporating decor pieces that reflect its material composition. Metal bookstands or picture frames with wooden accents not only serve the practical purpose of decoration or organization but also create a consistent material narrative across the space. A sleek metal frame or an industrial-style bookend becomes a subtle yet potent nod to the craftsmanship of both the coffee table and industrial era inspirations. These pieces, when chosen with consideration, have the potential to become conversation starters, reinforcing the curated nature of your living space.

Woven or Neutral-Colored Textile: The introduction of textiles is an excellent way to balance the industrial elements of the Chandler table with a touch of softness, enhancing the room’s overall coziness. A runner or place mats chosen in neutral tones—think creams, beiges, or soft grays—offer versatility and warmth without overshadowing the table’s rugged beauty. Materials such as linen, jute, or even softly frayed cotton add depth through texture. Such textiles also serve the practical purpose of protecting the wood’s surface. Moreover, incorporating renewable or responsibly source materials echoes the sustainable nature inherent to the Chandler table’s solid wood construction.