DHP Ivana Tufted Transitional Velvet Futon, Green

  • The DHP Ivana Tufted Futon is a sophisticated and stylish piece of furniture
  • It features a vintage design with soft velvet upholstery and button-tufted details
  • The tapered wooden legs add a touch of class, bringing back the 1950s luxury
  • The futon is built with a robust wooden frame and has a split back design, allowing you to easily change between sitting, lounging, and sleeping positions
  • Despite its multi-functional design, the Ivana is compact and perfect for small living spaces
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Multipurpose furniture that works well in compact living spaces is everything one can ever ask for. Whether you want to install a futon or a sofa sleeper in your house, this DHP green-coloured Ivana Tufted Transitional Velvet Futon can effortlessly mould to your desired needs. Its velvet fabric and button-tufted accents give it a vintage look and provide the epitome of elegance. Its split-back design lets you switch between sitting, lounging, and sleeping positions. In a nutshell, The Ivana velvet futon’s size makes it ideal for small living areas when seeking a multipurpose piece.

Popular Amazon Reviews

“I took a chance on this couch, and was keeping my expectations low- but wow! This is an excellent couch. I know some reviews talk about the couch being more firm than they would have liked, but for the price – it’s excellent. I mean, $350 for a velvet futon that arrives at your door? Come on. The couch arrived right on time in a box that wasn’t damaged. The pieces were all wrapped in a thick fabric to protect them. It took me about 45 minutes (by myself) to put it together, and the instructions are easy to follow. The couch itself is GORGEOUS. I got it in green, and it’s a vivid, lush green color and I’ve gotten many compliments on it. As a 6’1” man, I can lay out on it, and love that it doubles as a futon. Would purchase again in a heartbeat!” – Ameer Gilani (Source: Amazon)

“I love this couch so much. It such a statement piece and such a good color and material! Make sure you have someone to help you build it, its far easier that way. Also they delivered it to the 1st floor when I wanted them to deliver it to my 3rd floor apartment so carrying it up the stairs was THE WORST” – Dawn Winders (Source: Amazon)

“I LOOOOOOOVE this couch! It’s so aesthetically pleasing to the eyes! Comfort is mediocre. I definitely wouldn’t use this as my every day couch for lounging in front of the tv. I have fallen asleep on it a few times and woke myself up tossing and turning looking for that right spot of comfort….that I never found. It’s serves its purpose well as a piece of side furniture that won’t get used as often. The velvet green is incredibly beautiful!” – Dawn (Source: Amazon)

“It is so soft yet firm. The color is rich and beautiful!!! My husband and I put it together in less than 30 minutes. No hassle!” – Amazon Customer (Source: Amazon)

“Easy to put together – it took my boyfriend and I about 2 hours to do it – and the color is so rich and gorgeous. It has a nice sheen and is really easy to keep clean. As with most furniture in this price range, it is fairly firm, but it’s deep and with the back rest half down it is pretty comfortable! My only concern is the sturdiness of using it as an actual bed – when we tested it, my 175-lb boyfriend almost tipped it over when he balanced too far on the fold-down section, so try to stick to the middle or seat cushions! Overall, for the price, I don’t mind these issues, and am trying to find the currently out of stock matching chair!” – Amy C (Source: Amazon)

“I was looking for a product to brighten up my living space and blend my antique furniture with something more modern. My first concern was, “Did I really just order a couch on amazon?! How is that going to work?” Well I am here to tell you it worked out just fine. The delivery dates were a little confusing but the product arrived in one giant box. The couch actually folds in half so if you move often it’s might also be a really nice product for you. It has been really easy to clean as well. So far it is a sitting couch(pretty stiff), but its beauty, functionality and price make it a winner.” – Trisha Stahl (Source: Amazon)

Interior Design Styles that will Blend with DHP Ivana Tufted Transitional Velvet Futon

With its highly adaptable design, the futon blends well with a number of interior design styles. Some of them are as follows:

Traditional – Furniture in traditional interior design homes is typically heavier and more luxurious. What’s more deluxe than a green futon which has been on the top for centuries? The Ivana futon provides a polished and elegant ambience in your traditional space, making it more welcoming for your family and guests.

Luxury – Elaborate details and a few curves are used in modern luxury interior design, mainly using straight, uncluttered lines. When choosing your furnishings, it is usually instructed to look for simple pieces that blend well into your home’s luxurious interior decor. For generations, velvet has been considered a luxurious and incredibly tactile fabric that evokes wealth and beauty. Thus, you can add this green velvet futon to your deluxe interior without thinking twice.

Industrial Style – As the industrial design favours a simple aesthetic, this velvet multipurpose Ivana futon can mix in wonderfully. Like nothing else, the combination of lustrous velvet and rough wooden textures can elevate your interior, giving a charming feel all day. Installing a lighting fixture, a metal factory-style pendant, and pieces made of heavy-looking wood is the best way to make your green velvet futon stand out in the industrial interior even more.

Mid-Century Modern Style – Sleek design, a blend of natural and manufactured materials, brilliant colours, and the incorporation of indoor and outdoor elements are all characteristics of mid-century modern interior design. Keeping in mind both the practicality and straightforward beauty of this interior, you can surely add a vibrant green velvet futon which will easily blend well giving a trendy yet youthful feel to the house.

French Country Style – As French Country style furniture is traditional and appealingly timeless, the everlasting green Ivana futon can fit in the dictionary pretty well. With its delicate patterns and sleek shape, the futon can blend well with the French country-style interior, creating a stunning and hospitable environment.

Art Deco – Rich hues, angular geometry, and detailed work are hallmarks of Art Deco. To blend the interior well with the furniture, you can infuse an elegant and luxurious Ivana futon in your living space and wait for the magic to happen.

Ways to Decorate Your Room with Ivana Tufted Transitional Green Velvet Futon

While installing this multifunctional futon in your interior, you can add other materials to elevate the atmosphere and create an elegant yet cosy sitting space.

Throw pillows – Throw pillows are a fun way to add colour to your space without making a significant change. You’ll love the extra flair of a personalised pillow arrangement, and they’ll look lovely on your green velvet futon. Remember to pick out pillows that complement the colour scheme of your room.

Pair With Harmonizing Material – You must consider what materials the fabric will be paired with if you want your velvet furniture to look right at home. As green velvet futons will instantly provide softness to your environment, Wooden and leather materials are an excellent approach to creating a contrasting yet coherent aesthetic.

Things to Watch Out For!

There are a few things to consider while adding an Ivana futon to your house. If you own numerous pets, you should know that velvet is more likely to attract pet hair. To avoid getting a mess, you can use a sticky lint roller to remove all pet hair in seconds.

Also, you should be careful where you put your velvet furniture piece because the fiber might become fragile if exposed to direct sunlight. Place it where the sun exposure is little to no. Moreover, compared to leather or plastic, velvet is more likely to collect pieces and dust; thus, it needs to be cleaned more frequently.