Delamu Large Metal Over the Door 60 LBS Load 6-Tier Pantry Organizer, White

  • Maximize Storage with EXTRA Large Capacity! Boasts 6 larger baskets ( 5 medium baskets L16.14*D6.06*H2.95inches and 1 large basket L16.14*D6.06*H4.33inches). Withstands 60 lbs. (10 lbs/tier). Versatile for any need, adding extra storage when space is limited, whether as a pantry door organizer or an over the door rack. Allow at least 5.2 inches of clearance between the door and the pantry shelves. Position baskets with shallow side outward & deep side inward
  • Snap and Go! Takes just minutes with a simple snap and you’re done. No more piece-by-piece putting together as other over the door organizers require. You can hang the Delamu pantry organizer over the door or mount it on the wall using the included screws and the provided clear user manual
  • Built to Last with Durable Metal Construction! Our pantry door rack is meticulously forged for quality. Powder-coated, heavy-duty frames and baskets make our over the door pantry organizer more sturdy than the flimsy over door pantry organizers without bending, cracking, tipping, or falling apart. Our over the door organizer pantry outperforms flimsy pantry door rack. With strong adhesive EVA, our over the door storage organizer prevents scratching and swaying when opening or closing
  • Apartment and Tenant Friendly: Can be used as over door pantry organizer, hanging door rack, bedroom closet organizer, bathroom toiletries organizer, can/snacks pantry door storage, and door shelves. Perfect for kitchen, pantry, bathroom, living room, bedroom, laundry room
  • Versatile Pantry Door Organizers and Storage! Removable baskets for easy customization to fit larger items or for separate use. Compared to other over the door storage organizers, our over door pantry organizer has a significantly larger capacity, storing jars, cans, sundries, and more. An ideal over the door rack organizer pantry
  • Stay Put and Non-sway! Our over the door organizer pantry outperforms flimsy pantry over the door organizer. With strong adhesive EVA, our over the door storage organizer prevents scratching and swaying when opening or closing

“With a big family and the household cook being an amateur chef, spices are my JAM. But unfortunately I have a tiny kitchen so I needed to utilize my space. I got this because as you can see from the first photo my old one on Amazon was just not doing it. I replaced the old with a metal one because it’s metal? So not flimsy. Best decision I’ve made. It holds all my spice and my pantry door still is able to shut. The baskets don’t get screwed in they slide in easily from the top. It doesn’t require any screwing unless you wanted it on the wall, and not in the pantry. It was super easy to put together because instructions were clear and all bars had labels, L1, L2, L3. R1, R2, R3. It came with these rubber guards you can put in the bins so it doesn’t smack against the door and create marks which is helpful. My baskets don’t go close enough to the door I need them but I have them on just in case. It’s really well made and the bottom suction cups are actually stickers, so you don’t have to worry about it coming undone. The sticky part is very sticky and holds really well.” – Mariah Starke (Source: Amazon)

“Fairly easy to assemble. It helps to do it on a flat hard surface like a large kitchen counter, table or floor – if that’s the longest place you have. I had to work at sliding in some of the clips with steady pressure.” – Lisa Lisa (Source: Amazon)

“So much space! I have a TINY pantry for my fam of 6 and this made such a difference for us! Now I can find all my spices” – Christina Hollander (Source: Amazon)

“It does the job! I love it. It holds all of my spices and seasoning which makes it easy for me to get too. The only negative the bottom feet rubbed against the door. So I put some felt pads on them and this took care of the problem. I still give it 5 stars” – Brenda Brooks (Source: Amazon)

“Easy to assemble! Very sturdy!! It’s perfect for our small pantry!” – Jane (Source: Amazon)

“Great addition to keeping my pantry organized. This fit great into my pantry I needed it short enough so I can still close the door with things at the bottom of the pantry.Very versatile to fit a wide variety of sized items” – Ash (Source: Amazon)

“Great storage item. Easy to assemble and it’s very durable. Don’t know what I did without it.” – Alta (Source: Amazon)

“Not just for pantries! Great book storage. I wanted a space saving solution for children’s books and this over the door solution works perfectly. Easy assembly, nice price point, sturdy, can hold a ton of books of all sizes (see pic for side view). The bedroom door closes with ease and still allows space to open the door completely. The rack doesn’t move around, the plastic barrier suction type things help the bottom stay in place but are more buffers than anything. The white rack has a pleasing look next to floating white shelves, in other words it doesn’t look so out of place in a room vs pantry. Now the books are visible while saving floor space. The bottom 2 shelves can be easily reached by a small child. Super happy this worked out so well for our needs, 10/10 would buy again.” – Lacey’s Mom (Source: Amazon)

“Works well, other than the suction cups. Does the job. Going to use some doubled sided tape to secure it as the suction cups are over a groove in the door so useless. Otherwise, an excellent option for organizing all my BBQ stuff! I recommend.” – Kent Alexander (Source: Amazon)