Brightech Trilage Modern 3 Light Tree Arc Floor Lamp

  • BRIGHT & UNIQUE ARCH FLOOR LAMP OVERHANGS THE LIVING ROOM COUCH – Enjoy your reading or other relaxation time in the living room with bright lighting curved over the sofa. Want to set the mood? Turn the 3 way switch on the pole to turn off one or two of the lamps while leaving a bit of accent lighting. The pretty marble base on this lamp can slide under the couch, if space is limited, or show off the marble if your space is bigger.
  • GREAT WITH MID CENTURY, MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY DÉCOR: This conversation starter features 3 hanging, drum lamp shades. Like a tree’s branches, the lights hang at different heights; they thus create efficient overhead light for a large area. Connecting to a metal body with a heavy marble base, the curved arms rise to a height of 74 inches tall and make this a gorgeous addition to any room.
  • THREE ADJUSTABLE ARMS CREATE A TALL & LARGE STANDING LAMP Each swing arm can be moved side to side so that you can position the light where you want, convenient for a sectional or modular couch, and creating a presence in a large lamp. This multi-arm “spider” lamp features a four setting switch on the main pole turn on one, two, or all three lights at once. Enjoy ambiance & mood lighting as well as light bright enough for reading & hobbies without a dimmer. UL certified for safety.

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Beautiful lamp! It looks great in my living room. It was easy enough to assemble – includes all hardware and tools needed – and actually included spare parts, I guess, just in case (the tiny screws could easily be lost if dropped). It lights the room very well, although the description is a bit misleading. Product details indicate lamps can be lit individually, but that’s not the case. You can have the lowest one, OR the other two, OR all three lit at once. You cannot, for example, light only the top or only the middle lamp. This is all right for me and the look I wanted to achieve; but if you are hoping to light any individual light, this lamp doesn’t have that option.” – Mas D. (Source: Amazon)

“I love this lamp and the amount of light is provides is just right not to bright but just right it was very easy to assemble no tools required every one that come in my house loves the lamp” – Corey Mason (Source: Amazon)