• SUPER BRIGHT LIGHTING ~150 W EQUIVALENT LED TORCH LAMP LIGHTS UP A WHOLE ROOM – Do you want very bright light without expensive or harsh fixtures? The Brightech Sky torche lamp packs a very high 2190 lumens (at 3000K warm white), enough to light a large room. Its head easily pivots and shines light in any direction that you need it.
  • MODERN CORNER LAMP IS 3-WAY DIMMABLE – NEW MEMORY FUNCTION SAVES BRIGHTNESS SETTING FOR NEXT TIME: The Sky matches modern, minimalist, urban, casual and contemporary décor. The pole lamp fits easily in corners and the base slides under sofas. New: This uplight pole lamp’s 3 way built in dimmer now remembers your brightness setting for the next time you turn it on and works with wall switches.
  • 20 YEAR LIFE LEDs SAVE ENERGY – GET HIGH BRIGHTNESS, NOT HIGH WATTAGE: These LEDs are rated to last 20 years (assuming 3 hours use/day) because they don’t waste energy like halogen, CFL and incandescent bulbs. Instead of halogen lamps burning 200 – 300 watts, the Brightech Sky draws a mere 26 watts.

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“I purchased this lamp for the living room in my one bedroom apartment. I was inspired by the minimal design and it seemed perfect fit for my needs. The construction is sturdy and it is bright enough to shine my apartment(bounced light as you can tell by the design). It has three different bright setting and I change them for my need(watching TV or work at my desk). When I turn on the light, It takes about couple of seconds to light itself but it does not bother me at all. If you are into minimal design and wanted to have some nice touch for your room/office, try this one.” – Young (Source: Amazon)

“This lamp was super easy to set up! It has a no frills minimal look to it, and it’s pretty bright, too. I’ve included pictures here (off, lowest brightness, medium brightness, highest brightness). Nice color temperature as well. I would totally get another one.” – Hailey Noh (Source: Amazon)