Brightech Eclipse Modern Double Ring LED Floor Lamp, Silver

  • SUPER BRIGHT LED FLOOR LAMP – If you want to make the brightest purchase without a large outlay, get the high lumen Brightech Eclipse. You enjoy the high intensity / power of a classic halogen floor lamp (which consume 190 – 300 watt), without the high electric bill, thanks to energy efficient LED lighting that consumes just 26 watts to produce 1236 lumens.
  • BEAUTIFUL, MODERN VARIATION ON THE CLASSIC FLOOR LAMP – Want compliments on your art piece floor lamp? A contemporary update to the classic torche uplight, the Brightech Eclipse features two minimalist rings whose position you can adjust and lock in place with the provided allen key.
  • DIMMABLE FLOOR LAMP & ADJUSTABLE RINGS: This lamp has a convenient built in dimmer touch switch that enables dimming the bright lighting. Select among 3 different brightness levels ranging from super bright to soft, ambient mood lighting. Set the perfect lighting for your space. The two rings are adjustable so that you can aim light in any direction – perfect for reading, watching movies, drawing, arts and crafts, and studying.

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“At first when I saw how small and thin the pole was, i got scared. As we mounted the whole lamp, it seemed very sturdy. No wobbly movements at all. The pole is very thin as are the bulbs. But we really love this lamp. Is very uncommon and modern. You can move it around and set it different ways. The light is very powerful. Much more than the ceiling we have on that room. Good for reading in the high lvl. The medium lvl is also very good. Even the least bright gives a decent amount of light. Overall we love the style and light it gives. Very satisfied with the shipping and product. Was way better than we expected!” – Veronica Moreno (Source: Amazon)

“I took a chance on this purchase. We have searched the finest lighting stores and high end furniture stores looking for the right reading light. Wanted contemporary LED but didn’t want to spend a ridiculous amount of money. The physical quality is pretty good. I do not profess to be a lighting expert nor do I recommend this light if you have small children since it isn’t super heavy and may topple. I will definitely give “thumbs up” in meeting our needs and exceeding our expectations. Easy to assemble and really nice “value” lighting. The light is easily adjustable directionally as well as brightness adjustments and provides for accent lighting that we love.” – Amazon Customer (Source: Amazon)