Blackstone Outdoor 36 Inch Gas Griddle Cooking Station with 4 Burner Flat Top Grill and Side Shelf

  • Versatile Restaurant-Style Grilling: Elevate outdoor cooking with 768sq inches of flat top surface. Cook breakfast to dinner delights – eggs, pancakes, quesadillas, steak, and more. Benefit from 2 side shelves and a bottom shelf for food storage and prep.
  • Grill Upgrade Simplified: Say goodbye to standard grills! Opt for a swift assembly with our Blackstone griddle. Ditch kerosene and matches with battery-powered ignition, ensuring quick starts at the push of a button.
  • Revolutionary Grease Management: Tackle messy clean-ups effortlessly with our patented grease management system, streamlining clean-up from your delicious bacon and other meats.
  • Precision Heat Control: Master your griddle with four independent burners. Effortlessly adjust heat from low to high for a diverse cooking serfice. Propane-fueled with tank storage for seamless integration.
  • Built to Endure: Rely on durability with a powder-coated black steel frame, stainless steel burners, and robust cold-rolled steel cooktop. Simplify post-meal cleanup, ensuring longevity for your Blackstone grill experience.

“Great Griddle. Love my new blackstone griddle! Used already a dozen times in just a few weeks! Works awesome!” – Jeremy A. (Source: Amazon)

“Don’t need a stove no more lol.. I cook everything on this thing now. It bought back my love for cooking. Stovetop cooking is so so boring. This thing cooks a good meal fast and makes my dishes taste great. It also reduces the need to wash so many dishes when done.” – Edward Richardson (Source: Amazon)

“Great product. Could be improved. Shocked with how happy I am with this product. It was extremely easy to assemble. From opening the box to turning it on in just over ten minutes. Black stone has a great video on YouTube on how to properly season a new griddle. I followed the seasoning directions exactly and have had great results thus far. The top left and right corners are my cold zones. But that’s not really a bad thing. I use them to keep items warm that have finished before the rest. Clean up is simple and easy. Propane lasts a good amount of time.Which that said I would change two things.1) I would switch the location of the grease trap. Perhaps relocate it to the right side (opposite of the propane tank) and have a u or v shape guide along the front of the griddle. Or maybe leave the trap drain port (not sure what it’s actually called) where it is and relocate the trap underneath the griddle stone with access to pull the trap out towards you.2) Due to the fact that the propane tank sweats when in use. This leaves a puddle of water under the tank. I would have the propane mounts extended out further. I don’t feel 100% safe when my propane tank is condensing.TLDR:Great product. Easy to assemble/use. Excellent YouTube channel to help with first time seasoning and cooking tips. Grease trap and propane mount could be adjusted. Overall I am very happy with this purchase.” – Nicholas (Source: Amazon)

“Won’t be using our grill anymore. We purchased this griddle about a month ago and we could not be more pleased with our purchase. The cast iron griddle is very durable. Make sure you spend a good moment getting the griddle perfectly seasoned and you will be rewarded with very easy clean ups after cooking. We have been making everything on this Blackstone griddle. Chicken shawarma, cheesesteaks, smash burgers, veggie stir fries, teriyaki chicken, injera bread, the list goes on and on. We have not used our grill in over a month. It is so nice to have all your veggies grilling and not falling through the grill. We live out in the country and with this griddle our family feels like we get to eat at fancy restaurants on a daily basis for a fraction of the cost. I would not hesitate purchasing one for your family.” – Sewfarm (Source: Amazon)

“Outdoor cooking just went to a new level. Griddle is fantastic Very easy to put together but did have a few problems the bottom tray two thumb screws are angle so took a minute to find correct angle to screw in with out cross threading the screws. Do like the outer table which gives you plenty of extra room would recommend no plastic around griddle dose get hot and will melt. Did buy the blackstone cover which already decided to replace its short and leaks but you have to break down the table to cover which is pretty easy but also a pain if you are planning to haul this around forgetaboutit first I don’t think it would handle the stress and Moving the griddle plate alone is difficult. I’m planning to leave it one spot which I’m fine will buy a bigger cover which is water proof And large enough to go over with out break it down. The Price is right and cooking is a pleasure on it do have a few issues with drainage but already figure out how to deal with this small issues plenty of cooking surface to feed any large family or party. Haven’t done a full breakfast yet but did do a full hibachi dinner and it rocked. Even with issuses I rate this 4 stars.” – Ronald N. Charron (Source: Amazon)

“Favorite cooking tool ever. My husband and I agree that this is one of the best purchases we’ve ever made. This makes the best food and is easy to clean. The more you use it, the better the flavor it imparts to the food you cook, like cast iron. The size is great, not so big that it feels there’s wasted space, not so small that you get cranky that you can’t fit enough food on it (see pictures). It heats evenly, but I generally like to have it hotter in the middle and on low on the sides. We’ve cooked everything from a steak dinner for two to breakfast for seven on it, and every time we love the results.I suggest getting a waterproof cover (the Blackstone cover is not waterproof), flexible grilling spatulas, a scraper, and a melting dome.There is one minor issue, and that is the grease drain. It tends to get clogged with bits of food, and then grease or oil will drip down the leg of the griddle instead of going into the grease trap.” – D. Primm (Source: Amazon)

“My husband loves it. I bought this for my husband… Cooking is he’s passion… He always wanted one of these so I surprised him with one…. He hasn’t stop cooking on this ever since he got it lol last week. Definitely worth buying…” – Laura Arango (Source: Amazon)

“Very nice griddle. Fairly easy to put together As always fast shipping through prime! Very nice griddle. Fairly easy to put together. 2 issues rather small that kept it from 5 stars. Shipped w a dent in front panel, not a big enough issue to return but for a large and heavy of an item it should probably be packed better. 2nd small issue is check the igniter to make sure it is close enough to the gas to ignite. mine was to far away and I had to manually push it closer. Again this may be because something shifted in transit and bent it out of place. Other than that has been good so far got it 2 days ago, took abut an hour to assemble by myself taking my time. From there is seasoned it per instructions and cooked breakfast and lunch on it for the 4th of July. Also if you do not have griddle tools i suggest getting the Blackstone 5 piece set its cheap and works great.” – Nancy H. (Source: Amazon)

“Great quality and size. Took my husband a few hours to build it. Worth the wait. Good instructions. Bought lid and cover separately.” – jim dipofi (Source: Amazon)

“Fast delivery and great quality. Husband has always wanted a Blackstone 36” I ended up finding a great price on Amazon from Eddy’s Sports.” – Jamie (Source: Amazon)

“Super cool grill. Cook for a few people or many! Cook teppanyaki style! When delivered, this grill is HEAVY. Plan on at least two people to get it inside. It was easy to assemble and was put together in less than an hour. Accessory surround table purchased at the same time took longer to figure out. We seasoned grill just like the instructions said. Everything worked and was in good shape. Blackstone cover does have reinforced edges so that when it is on, it is stronger over the sharper edges and I am not concerned that it will tear in the wind. The grill started up like a dream A few days after receiving the grill, I noticed that the Amazon price went down $30, so I called and was refunded the difference- which was fantastic customer support- the refund almost covered the cost of the new propane tank I needed to purchase to use with the grill.” – Moon Farms (Source: Amazon)

“Perfect griddle! This is what I’ve been looking for. Finally got it. Delivered yesterday. Installation took about 30 mins by myself. Much easier to understand than ikea instructions. Can’t cook right away because you have to season the grill first. I seasoned it with vegetable oil 3 times. Creates good amount of heat and cooks really well. One thing I didn’t like is that you have to turn on the first burner then the 2,3,4. You can’t turn on #4 without turning 1-3 on first. I do have the current model which has the grease pan right in the back and I actually prefer this over the older model which had the grease pan to the right side. I cooked once and I love it so far. Hopefully it lasts a long time.” – Amazon Customer (Source: Amazon)

“wish I would have bought one sooner. Once properly seasoned (do this before cooking anything) this griddle performs perfectly, cooks a large amount of just about anything in a short time, and cleanup is quick and easy (you will want to get a large scraper tool and some other accessories if you don’t have them already). You can roll it around pretty easily but the handle gets hot when cooking so you want to wait for it to cool before moving it. I will never be without one of these again if I can help it.” – Amazon Customer (Source: Amazon)

“Great product! Really like the product use it everytime, really appreciate it!” – Amazon Customer (Source: Amazon)

“Why didn’t we buy one a long time ago?!! This thing is the bees knees!! My husband and I came across one of these for the first time in a store a couple months ago and within a few days we decided to order one online. We love it!! It is so much fun making our own hibachi style dinner at home as well as fajitas/tacos and breakfast! The possibilities are endless!! And cleanup is a breeze! My husband plans on getting a second one to keep up at the 4-wheeling & hunting cabin. It will be a great way to cook for a large number of people breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s like having our own Diner!” – Jennie (Source: Amazon)

“Best thing I’ve bought to cook on….. Ever!!! It goes through propane like a son of a b., but I can’t remember a better time cooking outdoors. And the size of the cooking surface…. Alleluia!!!! I can cook so much food at one time and it always comes out tasting amazing…. And I’m talking breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Love the improved grease management system as that seemed to be most people’s complaint about the previous model style and I never had to experience the issue. I absolutely love this damn thing and I’m speading the word. Five stars all day long!” – Clyde Kase (Source: Amazon)

“Awesome. Everything you need in a grill. Have had it 4 days already cooked hot dogs, hamburgers, pork chops and breakfast (eggs bacon and hash browns)” – Mike&Chris (Source: Amazon)

“You can feed a crowd in minutes with clean up in minutes!!! This is the best thing I ever bought!!! Period!!!I bought for down the beach, and with all our children & grandchildren visiting us on weekends I can feed everyone at once. 1st weekend I used , I’d say my grill is well seasoned. Oh, clean up is a breeze. I absolutely love it.” – Elmer Hilton (Source: Amazon)

“Very easy to assemble. I absolutely love it, took me approximately 15 minutes to fully assemble and another 30 minutes to fully season. This is going to get a lot of use!” – Amazon Customer (Source: Amazon)

“Great use it 3 or 4 times a week. Awesome I use it to make breakfast lunch and dinner” – Mike (Source: Amazon)

“Best Grill I’ve every bought. Absolutely Love my flat top grill! One of my best purchases this year. I highly recommend for everyone if you love cooking outside! After I seasoned it as recommended, NOTHING has stuck to it.” – Donna Shirk (Source: Amazon)

“Great flat top! Something I’ll always keep… Great flat top! I’ve worked in the food industry for 15 years and always wanted one of my own. Great for omelettes, bacon, sausage, steaks, hash browns, chicken, all types of veggies. There’s no limit to this thing. Just get a pair of nice spatulas and you’re all set! I’ve worked with several industrial brands in many kitchens and this one is just as good if not better. Make sure you season it accordingly. It’s supposed to be black. I used olive oil and canola oil (highest smoking temp oils I had in hand). The drip tray does need modification because it will drip. No questions. Gonna happen. It’s an easy fix though. It’s great having so many burners and accessories available. If you want a flat top this is the one. Hands down.” – Preston M (Source: Amazon)

“You won’t regret this!!! While I didn’t purchase the grill from Amazon, I still wanted to add a review. I did purchase ALL my Blackstone accessories from Amazon. Ive had the grill about two weeks and LOVE IT! I read reviews, watched videos etc before I decided to take the plunge. "Will I reallllly use its??" The answer is yes! I seasoned it about 10 times using canola oil. You can see the process in the pictures. The corners were especially tricky but I was able to remove the grill and turn it sideways. I took it camping…. awesome! I make breakfast for a crowd with no problems, even fried eggs with NO sticking. I do not regret this purchase!” – Chris Howison (Source: Amazon)