Best Choice Products 28 Inch Patio Wicker Fire Pit Table, Propane Gas

  • 50,000 BTU OUTPUT: Use a 20-pound propane tank to fill your patio or sitting space with fully adjustable, radiant heat for hours of outdoor enjoyment
  • HIDEAWAY TANK HOLDER: Convenient gas tank holder is attached to the magnetic side door, so you can quickly change and conceal your propane tank
  • DURABLE WICKER, WITH INCLUDED COVER: High-quality, weather-resistant wicker is woven over a sturdy, steel frame, with a durable fabric cover to ensure this fire pit table will withstand the elements
  • ENJOY MORE TABLESPACE: Take the lid off the built-in side hooks and cover the pit to add more space for family and friends to enjoy a light meal

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“Very quick delivery, easy assembly, very comforting flame and heat. Room around the edge for drinks! Lid creates table for snacks. Cover included.” – Victoria Stevenson (Source: Amazon)

“This is a nice fire pit, and it was fairly easy to put together – although the diagrams in the instructions were not as detailed as they could have been. (I had to re-do one side because it was a guess as to which way it was supposed to be assembled. The one downside about this pit is that the brass line that feeds the propane to the top of the pit was snapped upon arrival. The fire won’t stay lit long and propane leaks into the underside because of the hole (see picture). Unfortunately we will be exchanging this for a new unit, and they won’t ship us the new one until after they get this one. For the rocks, we mixed blue and clear rocks, rather than the “lava” rocks that came with it. This is a good unit, we just got a bad apple was all.” – Matt (Source: Amazon)

“Easy to install with easy printed instructions. Took me 45 minutes from opening the box to igniting the flame. Be careful when installing the screws because they can cross-thread easily. The finish on the top is a dark brown matte. You can feel the warmth coming off the fire, even on a fairly breezy day. The door for the propane tank is not on a hinge, it is connected by a magnet and rests on hooks. This design works well because you can easily remove the door so it does not get in the way when installing a new tank. I have only had one time out of 5 that I had to use a lighter instead of the igniter and this was after a very rainy cold day, otherwise the igniter works great. I always keep the flame/gas control on “low”. This puts out enough flame to enjoy the fire pit but conserves the fuel. I have operated the pit for approx. 4+ hours run time on low and have not ran out of propane yet. I would recommend this purchase.” – Dwebster (Source: Amazon)