Best Choice Products 5-Piece Modular Patio Daybed Lounge Set with Adjustable Seats, Clips, Retractable Canopy

  • 2-IN-1 DESIGN: A daybed lounger and conversation set all in one, perfect for lounging in the sun, reading a book in the shade, or hanging out with friends
  • CUSTOMIZABLE SETUP: Use it for yourself or split up the seats to entertain guests and find added functionality in a small round table that doubles as an ottoman
  • RETRACTABLE CANOPY: Pull the canopy back to lay out and soak up the sun, or extend it and enjoy a peaceful nap or good read while staying protected from the sun’s rays
  • QUALITY COMFORT: The perfect centerpiece to your outdoor living space, designed with weather-resistant wicker & padded cushions for a natural, inviting feel that fits well with outdoor decor
  • DOUBLE-SIDED PILLOWS: 4 double-sided pillows provide exceptional comfort and a way to always maintain a fresh look; cushions also have removable covers for easy washing; OVERALL DIMENSIONS: 71.5″(L) x 62.5″(W) x 25.5-60″(H); WEIGHT CAPACITY: 260 lbs.; Items contained in 3 separate boxes. Transportation times may vary per box.

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“TLDR: Good for the price point, take care in assembly. So I wanted to write a review because I read all of them before purchasing and I was really worried about if I’d be able to actually put it together. While it definitely took double the time than the directions said, it really wasn’t THAT bad if you do the right prep work and then have the right tool. So here is my advice:1) Before starting, take out all of the pieces and organize them. Take the bags of screws and bits and label them with sharpie by looking at the directions. One of my “jobs” in putting this together to save time was gathering up all of the right pieces for each step to hand to my husband. There were a lot of steps we were able to work on at the same time. We did accidentally use the wrong mirrored piece and had to undo it at one point, so just be careful. The directions aren’t the best, but I wouldn’t call them terrible either. All of our pieces aligned correctly (seriously, don’t skip tip 4!) and the stickers stayed on each piece when I took them out of the box.2) You will hate yourself if you try to use the tools it came with. The angles are so awkward and it is difficult to turn the screws by hand. We used a ratchet and star screw bit that fit. If you don’t have those things already it is absolutely worth buying a cheap set before starting to put this together.3) I don’t know how anyone could possibly put this together on their own. There were a lot of times I held things up for my husband to get the right angle. Bribe a friend need be!4) DO NOT fully tighten the screws until the end of setting up each piece. This way you can flex things so they fit in the really awkward angles.As other reviews mentioned, the cushions do not stay on by themselves. Deducted one star for the fact that there is no built in way to help them stay on. I tried Velcro, but the adhesive won’t stick to the cushions so if I want to go that route I’ll need to hand sew it on which seems like a big. Before I go that route I’m trying a big rug gripper. One complaint my husband had it is feels lower to the ground that he expected, but that’s not a huge deal to me. The cushions are just alright, about the quality I’d expect from cheap plastic wicker furniture.I did not have any issues with delivery, but one box did come a couple days after the other. So don’t freak out if yours don’t come at the same time.Overall I’m very happy and do think this is a good value for the price!” – Sarah (Source: Amazon)

“Nice piece of furniture for the price. Very comfortable and nice looking set. Others have complained about assembly and alignment but it was not as bad as described in other reviews. As for the hardware and some pieces not being labeled it’s important to take a sharpie and use the instructions to label the bags of hardware before opening them this will save you a lot of time during assembly. I also took inventory of all parts before assembling and if any labels were missing labeled those as well with sticky notes. As for alignment it’s important to install all hardware loosely for any given section and then not fully tighten until it is perfectly aligned. Even with that assembly took about 4 hours but was worth it. I’d recommend this to anyone looking for a nice outdoor daybed.” – Amazon Customer (Source: Amazon)

“Nice product for the money. We just assembled it today. It took two people 5 hours to do it. I would not recommend doing it without a rachet wrench with a hex bit. Using just the hex wrench that came with it would have taken MUCH longer. We also used a drill with a hex bit for some parts.I’m so glad I read the reviews and took the advice of the person who said review and label all the parts before you start. Most of the pieces did not have stickers, but it wasn’t too hard to figure out. Be careful with labeling piece 111 and piece 112. There’s definitely a “sided-ness” to those two pieces.I found that if I screwed the foot screws in each panel before assembly, it helped us not put anything together upside-down.I also put all of the hardware into separate tupperware containers with a piece of tape with the part number on the inside bottom of each container. That really helped when following the instructions.Btw, when they tell you not to tighten things up before you have all the bolts started for the piece you are working on, TAKE that advice. Some people in the reviews complained about things “not lining up”. It is much easier to get all the bolts lined up and in if you’ve only hand-started each.I chose not to clip the round piece or the two seats to the main couch part. I may do that later, but I think it will be more functional for entertaining as separate pieces.Some reviewers complained about the quality of the cushions and pillows. This is my first day using them, but so far they seem fine to me. I am already really loving shade of the canopy. That’s going to make this really useful for me; I’m not a sun-lover.The color is perfect for my house color and the carpet color of my deck.It seems to be a sturdy piece. Time will tell. As of right now, I’d say it’s a good find. (If you can get past the challenge of the assembly.)” – Amazon Customer (Source: Amazon)

“Comfy but hard to assemble. First I’d like to say this has to be the hardest item I’ve ever had to put together. It took 2 days and 6 hours each day. Lots of stripped screws and honestly the worst directions. With that said, it’s my favorite chair to lounge on. I added extra pillows plus some velcro to hold the cushions on. The design could be better with that but you only have to put velcro on the 2 end cushions to not have them fall off. Everyone I have over fights over this chair. It isn’t Waterproof at all. It repels water a bit but in rain it gets soaked. I love how it looks by my pool and even my fur babies sun bath on it. It’s is definitely more comfortable after adding more pillows for your head to lay on. I would recommend this for looks and value for your money but I would not recommend this if you get frustrated easily as this Assembly will try your patience. I almost gave up. My husband definitely was not happy putting this together.” – Tina Kopcik (Source: Amazon)

“Very attractive. We bought this with another product from this company. Both were easy to assemble and the instructions were clear. It was quicker to use an Allen bit on the drill and a ratcheting 10mm wrench. Hubs and I were able to assemble this set in a couple hours. This is a sturdy set and comfortable for entertaining guests.” – Dawn (Source: Amazon)

“The cape flew away on the first wind along with the cushions. It came in 4 days instead of 3 weeks!It’s very comfortable and good quality for the price. The issue I had was that one of the hydraulic lift for canopy came broken and the cape flew away on the first wind we had along with 2 cushions and they don’t sell that separately. I bought a new cover but it’s kinda useless without the cushions to seat. It’s in my rooftop so it’s they are gone.” – Laura Sequerra (Source: Amazon)

“The best customer service ever. I bought this outside daybed , the material is very strong and solid , the customer service was amazing , all I can say , I will but it all over again from this company in future .thank you for making my summer very cozy .” – Jessica Safi (Source: Amazon)

“Such a great addition to any patio. Very sturdy and great material. The cushions are nice and not flimsy like other outdoor sets I’ve ordered. As a stubborn and impatient woman, I assembled it myself before my SO got home and it would have been easier with two people at times. And it was a little time consuming alone. But so extremely pleased with how it turned out. High quality and a great addition to the pool area” – ahanover (Source: Amazon)

“Love it, hard to put together. Perfect addition to our patio! Came in several boxes, hard to follow assembly instructions.” – Tracy (Source: Amazon)

“BCP 5 Piece Daybed. Assembling had its challenges but the end result was worth the labor” – D. Avery (Source: Amazon)

“Worth the buy. Fairly easy to assemble, very comfortable, and doggo approved!” – chris (Source: Amazon)