ASMAD 4 Pack 32 LED Solar Swaying Garden Lights for Patio Pathway Outdoor Decor

  • 【Newest Designed Solar Garden Lights,Vary in Lenth,More Layered Look】 The newest and most unique solar firefly lights in the market, our solar swaying light is vary in the length of the wires making the Leds more layered look. The solar garden firefly lights with highly flexible wire and heavy-duty bulb base, featuring greater flexibility and swing angle, when the wind blows, the solar garden lights sway with it, just as real fireflies were dancing in the courtyard
  • 【Swaying in the Wind Solar Swaying Lights, As Real Fireflys】Our new generation solar outdoor lights is propped by very soft & flexible wires, so the light sways when the wind blows, exactly like a cluster of firefly flying in the dark. The solar garden lights have 8 larger and brighter LED premium bulbs, almost similar lights in the market just has only 6 LEDs bulbs and smaller.It is the great garden decro.
  • 【Waterproof, Lighting Up More Time 8 LEDs Solar Ourdoor Lights】 With an IP65 waterproof rating, the solar lights outdoor decro are specially designed to withstand bad weather conditions, no more worry about rain, snow, frost, or sleet. The 600mAh high-capacity rechargeable battery lasts longer than other LED solar patio lights. The outdoor solar lights can light up for 10-12 hours during all night after a 6-8 hours solar charged in day even if it is a cloudy or rainy day.
  • 【Easy to Install & Widely Use】 The Firefly lights are so easy to install because no cables or plugs are required, just grow solar outdoor lights in your garden, powered by solar panels. Firefly garden lights are like fireflies in the backyard, lovely lights that make your family very relaxing and entertaining, flickering firefly lights solar outdoor. These solar garden lights outdoor are corrosion-resistant ABS plastic, ensuring their longevity and durability.
  • 【Perfect Outdoor Garden Decor and Great Gifts】These solar garden lights can bring wonderful light to create a romantic and festive atmosphere, perfect outdoor decoration for Patio, yards, lawns, and sidewalks, and any occasions such as Christmas, weddings, New Year, parties, etc. Solar outdoor garden lights decoration is also an ideal gifts for Christmas, Fathers Day, Mothers Day, Valentines Day, anniversaries, and birthdays.
  • 【PATENTED SOLAR OUTDOOR LIGHTS & DESIGNED BY ASMAD】Patented solar garden lights, the special designed internal structure and vary in height of the bulb makes the lights sways and better looking when blown by winds, designed and produced by ASMAD brand.

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“I was looking for something portable to dress up my mom’s gravesite. And even though no one (including myself) would ever see it (because the cemetery closes at night), I wanted some lights. When this popped up in my Amazon search, I though it was very unique. Everything else was string lights or single objects. What I liked about this one was that it would be easy and quick to install; they weren’t static, meaning they would move and bounce about separately in the wind; that they were solar powered; and that they were reasonably priced. Once I got them, I stuck them outside to charge up and see what they would look like at night. I found that I like the warmth of the color, too. A win all the way around.So where I could see needs improvement: the stake and the way the lights are attached to it. It’s basically a thin-ish hollow aluminum tube with a removable plastic (rubber?) tip to push into the ground and the same material to hold the lights to the tube. I honestly don’t know how well it will work out. The tube might easily bend if you use a mallet to put the tube into the ground. And when you pull the tube out, I’m willing to bet that the plastic/rubber tip will disconnect and remain stuck in the ground. I don’t know how long the connector to the light section will last, either. But even if all that happened, I think it would be easy to rig up better alternatives. I guess I’ll know the first time I installl them at the cemetery. Still, I think it’s worth the buy.” – Ian D. Tolentino (Source: Amazon)

“OK I’m gonna get straight to the point.I like the concept of what the light delivers, fireflies affect. It would be perfect if people put them inside or near bushes, I actually bought a pair of four and then purchased two more . (total 12). the lights delivers, they look great, and they last till am time (timed them at 5-6am) still running. Before purchasing think about how you would use it in your yard. I ended up returning mine after one week. The reason?You have to have a type of landscape that works with it. I had a perfect spot to put them around a statue infront of a tree, surrounding with mini bushes that were starting to grow around it. The lights look phenomenon at night. Work straight out of the box. They work with only a couple hours of charging. They’re very strong and durable. They look great at nighttime. No complaints there.When I purchased them, I did not see any images of how they look like in daytime to get an idea how it would look. I know they have an up close shot but it’s hard to get an idea because it’s not put into the ground.Basically for me, I didn’t work in my landscape. I tried moving them around the different spots around the house by bushes, in the front, and the back of my house, including near trees, and a planter section that had multiple trees growing inside, and they stand out way too much at daytime.I tried positioning them closer to the tree if you noticed one of the pictures and they look great just like fireflies, especially when the wind blows. But like I said earlier, the only issue is that during the day, the shade of a tree underneath, or the bush prevent it from charging, you’re forced to put them more in open areas where it can collect sunlight, this exposes all the plastic and the rods sticking out from the ground.beyond that, they’re very sturdy, deliver everything that’s advertised, and they are great and work as advertised at night. the light is also very bright not overly but enough to wear a few join a bunch of them together they give off a very cool effect. You can also move around to charging LED portion in different sections once it’s inserted into the ground you can also slightly bend the bulbs. like I said, it really depends on the person’s landscape and my situation they they stood out way too much during the day. If you can make it work. They’re great. Just make sure you’re adding them to gets a lot of sunlight. The stick is smaller too like I said earlier, you can’t hide them inside of bushes or plant vases because the length of the metal rod the charging LED is in the bottom portion closer to the dirt.” – Aiden (Source: Amazon)

“I recently purchased the Night Garden Solar LED lights and I am blown away by the quality and functionality of this product! These lights are made with good and durable materials, making them a reliable source of light for many nights to come.One of the things that stood out to me the most was their brightness. They light up my front yard perfectly and add a beautiful touch to my landscaping. I love how they automatically turn on at sunset and turn off at sunrise.At night, these lights look absolutely stunning! They really do create an enchanting atmosphere in my yard.I am so impressed with these lights that I am planning to buy another set for my backyard as well. I highly recommend the Night Garden Solar LED lights to anyone who is looking for a reliable, high-quality outdoor lighting solution. Overall, it’s a 5-star product!” – Moe Data (Source: Amazon)

“Love!!! I am so in love with these lights! Solar lights can be a hit or a miss, but these are a major HIT! They are super bright, but not too bright. They stay on all night and almost make it to sunrise. They add a magical touch of whimsy to my walkway and my back yard. At first I didn’t realize that you could bend each of the stems, but once I slightly bent them to fan them out, they look so much better and blend into my plants.They make me smile every time I look at them, and I plan on buying more :)If you are thinking of buying these, do it!” – Rebekah Brown (Source: Amazon)

“These are so fun! My wife wanted something to spruce up the walkway but didn’t want traditional solar lights. She found these and we love them! It’s fun seeing them bob back and forth in the breeze and provides some light and guidance down the walkway. It did feel a little shaky getting them into the ground because you have to push the little rod in without having a good spot to grip it. But just go slow and they’ll get in there. Love them!” – Chris Nowak (Source: Amazon)

“These are so fun! Magical touch to garden. I absolutely love these lights! It adds such a magical glow to my garden at night. They’re sturdy and come with the steaks too. I love that they are solar powered, so no batteries are needed. I can’t see any downfalls with this product. Also love the price, and that you get four sets in the box!” – AHyde (Source: Amazon)

“Work as they should and we get lots of comments from neighbors.. they are simple to set up and was a great surprise for my wife!” – Jason Collier (Source: Amazon)