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90 Island Design Tips and Ideas for Your Farmhouse Kitchen

Having the right design for your farmhouse kitchen island is essential. The kitchen island is where your family will gather when they are helping you to cook, or when they are just eating. Ideally, the kitchen island takes the central position in your kitchen, which makes it an important feature to add a beautiful touch to your farmhouse kitchen. 

Designing your farmhouse kitchen island the right way will make your kitchen look amazing, but designing it the wrong way, could lead to unpleasant results. In this piece, we have outlined the best design tips for a farmhouse kitchen island. 

The Orientation 

When designing your kitchen’s island for your kitchen space, you have to to look for the right place to orient it. How you will orient the island depends on access routes, the shape of your kitchen, and where that windows are located. For instance, if your kitchen has a rectangular shape, then the best way to design your kitchen island would be a rectangular shape.

Also, when you fit the island into the kitchen ensure that the island’s long side corresponds, and is parallel to the long side of the kitchen’s wall. It would be best if you did this to ensure that the island adequately fits, and it leaves sufficient space around the kitchen.

The Size of the Island 

The size of your kitchen island is also essential. Many people usually fix a stovetop somewhere on the island to allow them to face their family or friends gathered around the island when they are cooking. Moreover, you may also want to add a sink on the island.

To adequately allow for this, you have to ensure that your island measures at least 8 feet long, and 3 feet wide. If your island is less than this size, then it is too small, and you should make the necessary adjustments.

The Countertop 

Generally, it would be best if you made your countertop stand out by using different materials on it. A wooden breakfast bar together with a butcher block would make an outstanding mixture that will add a beautiful touch to your kitchen’s island.

Moreover, you can also increase your countertop’s surface by adding a contrasting material to the corner of the island. Place the material a bit lower than the island’s surface to extend the island outward, and also to create a lower seating counter. You can choose to use the same colour on the island, and the extension. You may put a different colour on the extension to make it look colourful.

The Island’s Housing 

Housing appliances on your kitchen’s island would be excellent, but it depends on your personal preferences. While it is not a necessity to add appliances on the island, adding them makes the kitchen’s island a more friendly setting. If you decide to include your appliances off the kitchen island, you have to get an adequate kitchen island builder. The builder has to ensure that all the necessary plumbing, and also the electrical work is kept in place.

However, the process of renovating your kitchens island to accommodate appliances may be a bit expensive, but the result is worth it. Moreover, this may need a substantial amount of space which means that you need to have a large kitchen island to accommodate the appliances.

Sink Solutions on The Island 

While having a sink on the kitchen island is good, it also comes with many challenges. For starters, you may end up leaving the soap, or other detergents of washing the dishes on the sink which may spoil the look of your kitchen island. To avoid this, you may put a stovetop instead of a sink, to avoid spoiling the look of your kitchen island. But regardless of the many drawbacks sinks bring to the island, many people still prefer having it on their kitchen’s island.

Fortunately, if you are one of those people, there are a few solutions to fixing the drawbacks that come along with having the sink on your kitchen’s island. You can have professionals put drawers underneath your island sink where you can place the detergents, and soaps after you are done washing instead of leaving them on top of the island.

Adding Seating Around the Kitchen’s Island 

It would be best to add seating around your kitchen island to create a friendlier setting, and also to provide some space for people to dine. Ensure that you have sufficient space around your island for setting up seats. 

While having chairs around your kitchen’s island is essential, you have to ensure that you do not add too many seats, and end up crowding your space. Depending on the size of your chairs, it would be best to add about 4-8 seats. It will ensure that you leave out sufficient space between the stools.

Consider Your Family 

When many people are designing their farmhouse kitchen islands, they do not consider all their family members. The design they settle for may end up excluding other members of the family like kids, for instance. If you have kids, please lower the height of the seats around the island to accommodate even your small kids with ease.

You can also include a lowered table at the back of your island to create a more extended table. However, this may occupy a significant amount of space, so you should plan carefully before including the lowered table for the children.

Furniture Styling for The Island 

Giving your island furniture details will make it stand out even more, and distinguish it from the other cabinets in the kitchen. However, you have to choose the right colour for the furniture you decide to add to your kitchen island. For instance, if your flooring material is made of wood, it would be best to match the furniture on your island with that on the floor. They would blend and add a nice touch to your kitchen.

Vintage Materials 

You can also use vintage materials to create a unique look to your farmhouse kitchen island. But you have to ensure that you don’t overuse the elements in your island. For a better look, you should only use them to complement the other materials you have used to make the island. Please don’t use them as the primary materials for making your kitchen island. As such, it would be best to use the materials on one side for a better look.

LED Lighting 

Installing LED lighting around your farmhouse kitchen island would also add a distinctive modern element to it. It would adequately decorate the area, and at the same time, add a fun component around it. Moreover, it would also add extra brightness to your kitchen.  

Designing your farmhouse kitchen island makes it to stand out, while at the same time, it makes it more convenient to use, and you will also save space. Be sure to follow the tips outlined in this piece to design your kitchen’s island to fit your needs adequately.

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