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60 Plant Decor Design Tips and Ideas for Your Kitchen

Adding plants into your kitchen is a no-brainer. Ideally, having plants in the kitchen is an excellent idea because of the exceptional touch they add, and the benefits they bring to the kitchen. Generally, plants purify the air in your kitchen by removing harmful toxins, improving the air quality. Furthermore, when you are caring for the plants, you will also improve your mental health. It is because you will be relieving the feeling of loneliness, and at the same time, relieve stress thus, improving your general mood. Also, the plants may help reduce the temperature in your kitchen when you are cooking. During photosynthesis, the plants release moisture, which may help in cooling the room.

Additionally, plants make excellent decor as well. Putting them into your kitchen creates some form of original art, and it also makes your kitchen more inviting. Moreover, plants are also easy to incorporate into the kitchen, and they are budget-friendly. The list of how you can decorate your kitchen with plants is endless. Primarily, in this piece, we have outlined some helpful plant decor design tips for a modern kitchen.

Strike a Match 

Generally, plants bring life and warmth when they get added to any space. When you add plants into your kitchen, ensure that you use several plants for a more appealing look. Using just one type of plant may create a dull look in your kitchen. Thus, it would be best to balance several types of plants for a more sophisticated look. For instance, you can use dark green plants on your kitchen’s entrance, and place light green plants in other places in your kitchen. As such, you can use any plant color you want. Just be sure to incorporate many colors, especially for a modern kitchen.

Grow Edible Plants 

You can also decorate your kitchen with edible plants. While they bring a fresh look in your kitchen, you can also use them to level-up your salad. Besides, growing natural herbs or spices in your kitchen will save you the amount you use on groceries every month. Furthermore, growing them in your kitchen means that you will have access to pure and fresh spices. In truth, it is an excellent way of incorporating plants into your kitchen. However, if you don’t have enough space in your kitchen, you can hang the herbs and spices on your kitchen walls inside pots.

Create a Kitchen Garden in Pots 

Creating an indoor garden for various plants in your kitchen is also an excellent way of incorporating plants into your kitchen. You can create a specific spot in your kitchen, and place as many plant pots as possible. In the pots, you can grow many different plants like spinach, tomatoes, and lettuce, for instance. Nevertheless, this requires a lot of commitment and hard work in caring for the plants. The more plants you grow, the more work you will have to do to keep them healthy. If you don’t adequately tend to the plants, they may start withering, and they may create a terrible look in your kitchen.

Consider a Cactus Corner 

While cactus is mainly grown outdoors by many people, it would not be a bad choice for your kitchen. However, cactus can also be hazardous. Thus, it would be best if you were extra careful with it, especially when adding it into your kitchen. It would be best to place the cactus on a corner, as far away as possible, from the most used areas. It is an ideal way to add a plant into your kitchen because it requires less attention to thrive than other plants. However, be sure to place it in a place that it can get sunlight for better growth.

Add Plant’s Pictures 

Decorating your modern kitchen with plants does not mean that you must incorporate live plants. Plant’s pictures could also come in handy, and still give your kitchen an elegant look. Primarily, for plants to survive, they require sufficient light. Thus, if your kitchen does not have sufficient light, the plants may wither. But adding plants pictures in your kitchen instead of real plants brings in an exceptional alternative.

Be Diverse with Your Pots 

While plants bring a unique look to your kitchen, their pots may also play a role in the overall look they bring to your kitchen. When you use the same pot for every plant in your kitchen, it may bring a dull look. Thus, you should be diverse in the choice of pots you use. For instance, you can create plant pots with colorful ice cream containers, and you can blend them with aluminum pots, which adds a vintage touch to your kitchen. 

Add Flowers on Your Kitchen’s Island 

If you have extra space on your kitchen island, you can add some flowers to it. It would create an elegant look, especially when you place it somewhere that it can easily get seen. However, ensure that you find the right flowers that will blend well with the rest of the decor.

Place Plants on Window Sill

A window sill is an excellent place where you can keep your plant pots because it receives sufficient sunlight that is beneficial to the plants. In most kitchens, the window sill is always empty, which is a bit boring. Adding plants to it would bring in more life to it, and it will also create an elegant look for your kitchen. 

Bouncing Off the Ceiling

You can also hang flowers from the ceiling to add a unique touch. Just be sure to get flowers with a color that will blend well with the kitchen’s color.

Create a Window Box for Plants 

Finally, you can also create a large window box, and grow various plants in it like fern and ivy, for instance. A window box provides adequate space for you to plant as many plants as possible in your kitchen.

Decorating your kitchen with plants is easy, and it also does not require a big budget. Be sure to follow the tips we have outlined in this piece, to get superb results when you add plants into your kitchen.

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